Cybernetics, embedded and shredded with alphabetic
Word surge from the cloud
[Memphis Reigns]
To rain down the sound
On the battleground
[Memphis Reigns]
Simply spit material killings, label a serial
Revealing a metaphysical miracle
[Memphis Reigns]
Walking water like the holy father
What? As the mental manifests sharp points to stigmata
Propensity for jettin thee enemy steppin to me with word weaponry
[Memphis Reigns]
The verbal pedigrees for next century

[Memphis Reigns]
Yo, yo...
Pre-conceive through the spirit of the movement verbal soul,
Control or train a body to walk over hot coal,
House calls protocols of deadly chance to intercept it,
When I said it through your speaker I let it send it in seconds,
Leave an image created, heavy weighted, anticipated,
Equated cranial formulated, updated a revelation,
My penetration through your mental concentration leave your body mad frustrated and even be speaking statements,
It's my time and unwind, re-enact the aftermath through paragraphs,
I put my name upon the map with battle raps, this battle cat,
I'm up to bat, I'm crackin' backs, I'll bring the end of them,
Sending them side to side like a vertical pendulum,
So don't be tellin' them my message in a bottle, throttle,
Seven seas, enemies with white flags, I've come to seize,
Causin' observation process thoughts when I behoove ya,
Popped tops the hard knocks to rise vibes,
Verbally a paradox, unlockin' Pandora's box,
Releasin' my darker thoughts, fatter than Mr. Hitchcock,
A blister, tongue twista, when I hit ya,
Overloaded system blowin single spin transistor,
In the mist, war reciting, I throw lightning,
Clash of the overly excited fuckin' titans!

Ay yo, quick propo doctor,
Ya ought not drop a fishin' line into the depths of this rhyme,
Might just find your hook tangled,
No angle for escape when the sharp dome plate starts to shake,
Ten quake on the Richter,
Mr. G-Lec spell threat to the transistors, the hand blisters,
Rip through the pain as the red pumps through the main vein to proclaim individuality,
Casually fused with the musical reality, soul gallery,
Gather at the front gate and buck shapes,
These live lungs ride drums on a one way,
Trip through the mist I twist and coexist in a myriad,
A mental pyramid, you're hearin' it, clearin' the borders, I'm mysterious,
Let it be known, headed my poems, for homegrown inhalation,
Yes from the basement, nightly, Clearin' this quick with my psyche,
Slightly off base when the bass drums strike me,
Likely get nicely touched with one thrust of the robust word rush to crush my opponents,
Plus my components, top quality titanium when I reign,
Make you wonder and retain a lingering vision of this transmission with deficit for my position,
As the chosen, pro shogun, black the sky and leave no sun,
These current dimensions got me trapped in detention,
Words they chip away your walls like Shawshank Redemption, ascension,
Freedom with the bleeding of the melody, heavenly I command with brain waves extra sensory,
Remember me centuries in a time when my rhyme fades, Genelec's sprays will live another day

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