The party scene is beckoning
But no one's left you recognise
Commencement day is hard to take
When you're on summer number five

Your friends all left to chase their plans
Their dreams and their degrees in hand
Technically, you're still a sophmore

Here's to you still going nuts
Throwing down and throwing up
On the rug
Dude that's freaking awesome
Freshman girls all run to you
Till you drink so much you puke
On your shoes
Dude that's freaking awesome

Whats her name just got engaged
It's weird to think you used to date
The wedding isle would cramp your style
You've got the freedom now to play

Here's to you not growing up
Falling in and out of love
You got dumped
Dude that's freaking awesome
Well that's okay and that's alright
You'll be partying all night
Serves her right
Dude that's freaking awesome

We all know you're crazy coz you tell us all the time
When you had a few too many and you call
I know it's your life but do you really wanna waste it all?

Here's to working through this stage
Before there's no one half your age
Left to say
Dude that's freaking awesome
Here's to purpose, here's to plans
Learning how to be a man
If you can
Dude that's freaking awesome

Coz no one likes it when you're rude
And beer is not a kind of food
It's true
Dude that's freaking awesome
Waking naked on the lawn
Wondering where the good times gone
Lost your bong
Dude that's freaking awesome

You quit your job so you could play
World of warcraft every day
Dude that's freaking awesome

Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na
Dude that's freaking awesome X5

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