We imagined ourselves
As cathedral bells
Ringing out through the moribund streets
Like shrill courtesans
Making fanciful plans
That we whispered while drifting to sleep

And I told you I'd stay
In every possible way
Though we both knew that that wasn't true
You said "You would understand
If it was something so grand
As a mirrored reflection of you"

And New York in October
Was never so sober
As the beating on the windows in March
Trying so hard in vain
To stay out of the rain
Falling off our cathedral arch

You were Zelda, Isolde, you were Audrey and Kate
You were Miss Cleopatra in heels
And anonymously
You were April to me
Throwing rocks just to see how it feels

But those lines in your eyes
And that platinum crown
And that gaudy red rogue on your cheeks
You must look so sublime
With some Neophyte charm
But you look like a common whore to me

But I liked you the best
In your plain simple mess
Drinking wine from a pink, plastic cup
While the radio played
Some soft serenade
And we noticed the sun coming up

And the blue in your eyes
Looked like ice when you cried
And you always felt so cold when we touched
Happy birthday to you
I sure hope it's not true
Even though I don't miss you that much

Lyrics submitted by tinto1123, edited by foxyfmu

April Is the Cruelest Month song meanings
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    General Commentthis song is very meaningful to me. my boyfriend went to rehab in october. i thought that was the worst thing that could happen, but then his mother died (in march). "and new york in october was never so sober as the beating on the windows in march". even though him leaving was sad, his mothers death was more sad.... she was buried in the rain.
    ironically enough, my boyfriends birthday is in april. lol.
    the first verse has to be one of the greatest lyrics of all time. i remember the days i felt like that...
    kultastaron March 31, 2010   Link
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    General Commentsorry about the question marks. i've only heard one version of this song, and while i know he is dropping two allusions in those places, i can't tell what they are--it's difficult with proper nouns and shitty-quality recordings.

    there are so many things i love about this song. but the last 3 verses are the best. the neophyte charm is like a priest's secret fetish. it reminds me of "v for vendetta," when natalie portman dresses up like the little girl for the priest. the fact that she's getting all gussied up in an attempt to look attractive, but she only comes off to him as a "common whore," that's fucking powerful. he liked her the best when she wasn't trying, when she kept it simple. and the image of drinking something traditionally more classy like wine in a "pink plastic cup" reminds me of the death cab song "champagne from a paper cup," though in that song it's ridiculing the idea and in this one he's sort of praising it as simplistic and cute. or quirky. the first two lines of the last verse are so basic and so effortless that they are even more powerful. but my favorite part is the very end, at least on my recording, because he says "happy birthday to you, i sure hope it's not true" (as in, we haven't talked in a really long time, but i know it's your birthday and i've heard things along the grapevine) "even though i don't miss you that much." what i like about this is, on my recording, which i got from the airborne site, some guy in the audience says something that sounds like "yeah he does!" just as the clapping starts after the song. it's funny, because if that is what he said, then i inferred that as well, that mikel is saying something but implying something else, and if that guy said that it's really interesting. i like it anyway.
    tinto1123on April 07, 2010   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionYou were (?)
    You were (?)

    I think the first one is

    "You were Zelda and a soldier" because Zelda is another name for Griselda which means dark battle

    Can't really tell the second one, "You are a dream cake"? that's what it sounds like...

    Sources: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
    Kixur413on February 23, 2011   Link

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