The marionette made its marks, dragging on the pavement.
The dogs of sleep and sick were tangled in the strings that keep the leverage.
Come on, come with light...Illuminate and drive...
I need to leave what followed me
When I washed in from the sea...
That's taken so many of our lives
With its awful waves

This Chevrolet is done. It's sunk into the ground.
Chromes become my dining couch,
The ornament on a broken house,
And the weather's come alive
And it's leaking inside...
Knocked the breakers paralyzed,
And turned my savings on its side.
It's taken many of our lives...
With its wild ways
...So my mother says...

Heaven found on my way out...

...I took a walk one way...

And with a spark, all the lights in the city started racing
Out interstates and up the up the buildings, through the walls
and turn so filthy.
And it lights this room that we pay with our lives...Everyday...
To the toll booth of the birds of prey...

Lyrics submitted by TakingTheFall, edited by Mellow_Harsher

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    General Commentthis Chevrolet is done. i love that line
    goathog12345on November 17, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI love Nick Torres writing, it mostly is all about escaping a heavy addiction. Probably heroin, but how should I know. Good to see he got out of whatever it is too write more and more beautiful music
    cocksinaboxon December 06, 2009   Link
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    "Kingprince" is the nickname of a friend, and the song was a bit of a struggle to write. The words and music came easy, but when you deal with something this heavy, the thought of what others will think weighs on you, especially when these are people you see on a regular basis. This was the second song that was inspired by the death of someone I knew, and the first time I had no idea what my thoughts would stir up. The first time around I planned on using his name in the title of a song, but the family got wind of it and it became a big deal. Here I was in my crappy little bedroom, writing music for an album that would be on the shelves of Best Buy, writing things that deeply affected his family, people who I hardly even knew. I just thought it would make a good song, not even taking into account the circumstances of his death. I guess Music can be a powerful thing sometimes (after all it IS the language of the soul). I felt like an asshole for not talking to his family first. Honesty is the most important part of music, but I still don't know if there is a line that should not be crossed…

    The song "Kingprince" is inspired by a friend who took his own life, and I say "inspired" because I don't really ever write about a certain, particular circumstance (names, dates, times etc.). I guess it's just more about the experience. I write mostly from the 1st person perspective, regardless if it is something that happened to me or someone else. Luckily I also write mostly in metaphors, so in the end it all ends up being pretty universal. I don't know why it's always a metaphor, that's just how it's always been. Anyways…He was always a great friend, a wonderful person, funny, and troubled. Before he passed, he had a couple run-ins with the law, and then was living in his car in Alabama…he tended to disappear off and on towards the end. I hope he knows his friends and family miss him, and I'm sure he's out skating on the rings of Saturn, and exploring all the dimensions we can't see. I was supposed to play at the funeral, but I got mixed up and they ended up just playing a Cassino song on the overheads…I felt really bad….So I hope he can forgive me for that. I think we would have dug this song….

    Side note- the Harmonica track and the electric guitars were the "demo" very first takes…after about a couple of days of writing parts, we went back and listened, and nothing even came close.
    evenhatcheton February 17, 2010   Link
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    General CommentMan, "The tollbooth of the birds of prey" gives such a creepy/depressing image.
    newHEARTsoldieron November 20, 2010   Link

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