I can never go back to the man I was before
Not even a man, more like a child
Ignorance brought bliss, bliss brought upon defeat
Defeat brought out the worst in me
Hatred beyond belief, consuming every inch of me
You better pray I don't get my hands on you
This is what I'm capable of, I will always haunt you
This is where you went wrong
This is when I became strong
This is when I grew up
The metamorphosis is complete and you're staring at the new me
No longer that boy, rather the fool I used to be
No one said this would be easy
Now I'm done with taking steps
I'm running towards the finish line
Everyone who stood in my way will learn about defeat
I will bring it to their doorsteps
I will force it down their throats
I will let them rot and wallow in its shame
I will become notorious for my deeds
The devil knows my name
And I am on his list
I'm only a man
Yet hell will tremble at my feet
This is only the beginning
She had brought out the best in me
From depths of which I thought lost
At least it shows I still have a heart
I swore I'd never let these feelings see the light of day
But here I am once more ready to give it all, just to be loved
I've jumped the gun once again
But this time around I will stand on my own two feet
Ready for it all
So go ahead just try and bring me down
Just go ahead give it your best shot
You've always wanted to make your mark on the world
Well I'll make you infamous
Everyone will know your name
And curse the ground you walk on
This time I've got the upper hand
I hope you run as fast as your mouth
Cause I'm sick of every word
I've come to shut you up for good
I will bury you

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