I got too drunk at your wedding and my voice got loud and I said some
creepy things and I staggered around and even though your best man
had to kick me out it was a pretty good time either way. It seems a
fight broke out and an old man was yelling, cuz no one was buying all
the bullshit he was selling and he threw all his keepsakes on the
ground and walked away, cursing hard to bring back yesterday

And the dying ain't gonna stop just because you walk away.
And you can cry for everything that you've lost but you ain't never gonna bring
back these days.

I hate the Mondays and the Fridays cuz they always define the
endless march of pushing ruthlessly to the light. Well, if I'm gonna be
dying then I'm gonna get high and scream until I'm not feeling the pain.

Let's burn a bridge for the fuck of it and kill this night with
some beers down at the pits, with whiskey lips and we'll try to
love for the moment and forget for the night that life doesn't
usually feel great.

Where we gonna go now that everything's shut down? I can't
go home, so where do you wanna go now? Let's bring it back
around to where everybody's singin' that the dying ain't gonna
stop just because you walk away. And you can cry for
everything that you've lost but you ain't never gonna bring
back these days. You ain't never gonna bring back these days.

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Demons song meanings
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    General CommentBrendan explained the meaning of this song in his blog (badsandwichchronicles.blogspot.com) on 10-26-09:
    Okay. Well, to me, the song is about the desperation that people succumb to in order to cling to their youth and the general despair and malaise that informs their desperation when faced with the irrevocable truth of fading glory. Whether it’s an aging skank sucking wangs to keep her name out there or some old washed up dinosaur rocker becoming impotently enraged at his sudden irrelevance and picking fights with people he doesn’t know for no reason in hopes of staying in the public eye, or whether it’s me, trying to behave like I did when I was twenty one, even though I’m thirty three with a kid and all sorts of bruises and aches and I can no longer hang like I used to, or nader, shirtless and picking fights at a wedding. That’s the demon, right?. The specter of youth and the inevitability of coming face to face with its disappearance and your perceived subsequent irrelevance no matter how hard you try to ignore it. It’s a tough thing to look in the mirror and see. That’s what that song is about to me. The demons of youth and the trappings of adolescent personalities and how those things don’t necessarily make for adult personalities and also, and perhaps most importantly, this song is about how even when that shit fades, there’s still time and room and a place to look over at someone across the room and just absolutely fall in love, for the first time or all over again. How there are still nights of amazing whiskey shots and laughter and kisses and fights and sure, shit’s not the same, but it shouldn’t be. Change is important and you gotta change. Without it, you’re no better than that pathetic cokehead buddy of yours that still lives in his parents house. You gotta look ahead, no matter how hard it is to never look back.
    I saw this slideshow on the internet a while ago, of a guy who took a picture of his face every day for five years. It really highlighted the brutality and unflinchingness of the passage of time. The completely reckless disregard that time has on the bodies and spirits that it inevitably ravages. That movie was a huge inspiration for this song.
    Of course, it’s all up to personal interpretation, so I’ll leave it to you guys to make your own opinions
    thece1ebrityon November 29, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAwesome lyrics.
    ikickedagirlon December 14, 2009   Link

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