"Screaming Skull (Rap Damage)" as written by Kim Gordon, Lee M. Ranaldo, Steven Jay Shelley, Thurston Joseph Moore and David Markey....
That's right!
Fuckin' Greg G suckin' on a big D
Damn straight baby!
Motherfuckin' major label fuckin' corporate weasels and shit
Suckin' on a big D
That's right!
All y'all!
All ya fuckin' sell-out bullshit motherfuckin'
Rock n roll suck-ass assholes
Suckin' on a big D
That's right!
I ain't fuckin' around this time
Even though my fuckin' microphone is fucked up shit
I don't care
Cuz all you fuckin' motherfuckers out there
Tryin' to fuckin' be Foreigner
Styx..motherfuckin' Genesis and shit
Y'all can go suck on a big D
I ain't fuckin' kiddin' either!
I'll go out and kick your fuckin' ass!
That's right!
I'm the bad motherfucker on the motherfuckin' mic
Tellin' all y'all
All you major label corporate ass kissin' motherfuckers
To suck on a big D
Ain't no shit this time!
I ain't fuckin' around!
I ain't ever fuckin' around!
Y'all know it too! Yeah!
You know the truth!
All you motherfuckers out there
Suckin' big ass corporate cock
Yeah, you know!
All you rock and roll motherfuckers
Suckin' on a big D
Fuck yeah! You know it too, baby!
I come out there...
Start kickin' some motherfuckin' ass!
Some motherfuckin' hardcore ass!
All you west coast, east coast
Fuckin' southern regional motherfuckers
Down there in Tex-Ass
And all the way up there in Cana-Duh
Yeah you all get down on your knee
And be suckin' on my big D!
Goddam straight, I think y'all got it straight now
I think you know I ain't bullshitting!
You fuckin' corporate cocksuckin' motherfuckin'
Major label ass-kissin' bullshit
Sucking on a big motherfucking dick!
't's right!

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