Don't Think.
Don't speak.
I will do this for you.
Every natural thought
Or feeling you've ever had will change tonight.
Don't think.
Don't speak.
I will do this for you.
Trust the pedestal,
For now we become a higher being.

I am your new mind.
I am your new you.
I am your new sin.
I am your new lust.
I am for you now.

Control, and collapse, collide.
A letter plagued by a twisted word, slave.
You will become mine, for there are no more options.
There will not be a sweet consolation, this is what is supposed to happen.
A predetermined destiny put in motion by my stronger power.
You are me.

I sit on this dirty floor.
A week mind for a cause.
A cause I do not know.
Don't know what to live for.
A compliment I've never heard.
A comfort I've never felt, it's here,
Even though it won't last for long.

Sit down.
Stand up please.
Lay down, drink this please.
You'll be in peace soon.
A tribe within itself
A vision will display
To blind the caring.
Too late

I am a cult by definition.
I am friend by first impression.
My task: to recycle this earth.
To not repeat human history
Start from scratch, rid every sound.
Deconstruct, deconstruct all.

Ive bid every method into the hands of my employees.
(I am a cult by definition.
I am a scientist by default)
I have saved you.
Now you will follow my journey, my destiny.
Tonight's your death.
Resurrect my new you.

I am a cult by definition.
I will end this human world.
This is shit and I have proved this with my followers.
Fuck humanity, end life.
You are now dead, and I soon will be

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"Disease, Injury, Madness" as written by Daniel Lanford Briggs Cartland Blake Richardson


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Disease, Injury, Madness song meanings
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    General CommentI agree that the narrower view of this song is a story about a cult leader. (Desert of Song displays the liberation of the cult followers.) I think the broader view is not specifically referring to any religious cults but is a broad sociological commentary.
    Here's my take on it: The exponentially fast 'progress' of technology is rapidly undermining the humanity of humans. It is generally accepted that technology is intended to take us to a higher level ("Trust the pedestal, for now we become a higher being") and is good for us ("I am a friend by first impression.") But it's really overloading us with information and forcing our priorities to change, even "to blind the caring" people (people who put priority on human interaction, human experience, empathy, and/or conserving values) who have to stay 'wired' just to keep up ("Slave. You will become mine, for there are no more options.")
    This is leading to a lack of true nurturing and/or social interaction (based on the above 'caring' traits), which is resulting in (and is, in and of itself,) a shift in priorities and/or a lack of direction, as the Child voice laments, "Don't know what to live for". Humans are instead finding fulfillment through technology/media/'culture' (The Child voice reflects "A comfort I've never felt... it's here") and filling the void.
    .....And we're allowing this to happen because: 1. humans are subject to Change Blindness, a term used in 'Obfuscation' (def.: "the phenomenon that occurs when a person viewing a visual scene apparently fails to detect large changes in the scene. The change in the scene typically has to coincide with some visual disruption such as eye movement or a brief obscuration of the observed scene or image. When looking at still images, a viewer can experience change blindness if part of the image changes.") We don't see the change that's happening right in front of our eyes (shift of priorities from 'caring for humans' to 'caring about technology'); 2. we've been comforted/reassured/deluded to think technology is 'good' for us and 'progress' is a panacea ("Lay down... drink this please./You'll be in peace soon"; "I have saved you").
    I'm not going to say that all aspects of technology are bad or evil, but it's possibly gotten out of control without us realizing it or considering its implications or if we were ready for it. And it's possibly "Too late..." to slow down and reconsider our choices. Many don't realize that it might be in our best interest to do so.
    Hopefully we'll be able to free ourselves from the 'cult' of technology ("A cult by definition") like they do in 'Desert of Song'. X-] That song is truly liberating and gives me hope.

    It's undeniable that BTBAM wants us to think about things on a broader scale, otherwise they wouldn't write such ambiguous lyrics open to multiple interpretations on different levels.
    If you haven't seen their explanations of their Colors tracks, which are included on the Colors Live DVD, it's highly recommended, and supports my thought that they are trying to send a message bigger than the face value of their 'story' lyrics.
    Anyone want to try to interpret this in terms of the Man being your brain? That would be compelling, but it's too confusing for me to try right now. :D
    FacelessJaneon March 02, 2010   Link
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    General Commentthis is totally about Oprah
    CollinInsurrectionon November 19, 2009   Link
  • +1
    General Commentthis is one of the best songs on the new album imo

    i love the almost jazzy interlude that happens about 2 minutes in

    as for the lyrics, it sounds like it's about mind control/brainwashing/cults
    mast0d0non October 26, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think this song has nothing to do with religion/satan, I think it's evident it's about a man who is trying to end humanity for the good of the world.
    terminaon October 31, 2009   Link
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    General CommentTo me this seems like an Anti-Scientology song, or at least a song that is rallying against the same inherent abilities of certain humans to control subordinate populations through cultism. The opening verse is both the most primal and the most disturbing as it describes the base desire of humans to innervate and control their surroundings. It's the same modus operandi as serial killers just with that one slightly less (physically) non-violent tweak. That's why the first verse is so dark, it could well be the same thoughts/words of a serial killer. The continuation into themes of control and revelation at the end that the figure is in fact a cult leader is even more disturbing. I think it's largely inspired by people like L. Ron Hubbard, Charles Manson.
    nickbeamon November 01, 2009   Link
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    General Commentits about the power struggle of a cult leader. it says so on their myspace. "The human brain is a labyrinth that we will never fully comprehend. The next chapter in the pantheon of stories from the enigmatic BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME entitled The Great Misdirect gives us their inventive impressions of what this mysterious tool may be capable of. It introduces us to an elaborate cast of characters that are odd, unique, familiar and somewhat comforting. A group of outsiders trying to comprehend the strange worlds they all inhabit. From the truckers chatting about UFO sightings, to the power struggle of a cult leader, all the way to the story of a common man, leaving everything behind and floating to the middle of the ocean; The Great Misdirect is a truly enthralling adventure. The five stories that interlock within this fantastic tale is an inspiration to the creativeness that extreme metal is capable of and a testament to where BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME is taking the genre. It confirms that they are not only a group of skilled musicians and gifted performers, but also fantastic story-tellers that have an endless wealth of imagination and interest in furthering the realms of hard rock and heavy metal. Disconnect yourself from what you have perceived as logic and reality, close your eyes and step inside your own limitless psyche and join BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME in this walk through The Great Misdirect. "
    onlybtbamon November 29, 2009   Link
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    General CommentShit I wouldn't mind being Tommy's employee right about now. UPS has awesome health insurance, but it certainly doesn't cover resurrection! Eat that, Jesus!
    cr4kh3don October 27, 2009   Link
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    General Commentwow best song on the new album, however i beleive the lyrics have a double meaning, as do some btbam songs have
    BetweenDaOpethAndMeon October 28, 2009   Link
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    General CommentLast couple stanzas sound anything like Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, from Jones' point of view?
    inTHEbloodon November 05, 2009   Link
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    General CommentGood lord this song is my favorite on the album. The instrumentals leave me intoxicated, I am in love with the second half of the song. The whole song is calm and it's crazy, like every btbam album. It's what makes them unique. Tommys vocals are so heavy on the song, Paul and Dusty's guitar riffs and solos are amazing, simply breathtaking, dans bass solo is amazing as always, and blakes drums are the backbone of it all. Love the progressive feel this song has toward the end.
    Nagzon November 06, 2009   Link

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