"A Letter To Georgia" as written by and Mikel Jollett....
How can I explain to you the picture of this avenue?
The rain falls on the street outside my window on this Thursday afternoon.
I sit alone inside these sinful walls I've lived inside.
So many lies have lived and died; none so much as the one I lived with you.

I see you on the highway a thousand miles away.
Rain falls through your hair and cheeks.
Tears and mascara streaks.
Your face reflected in the glass.
Lines in the pavement go past just like the lines around your eyes that held away to an endless sad goodbye.

Everybody that I know said I should've just let you go.
You run from everything, you see.
Hurt the ones you love like me.
But here I sit and picture you with fingers worn your shirts on, too.

Your heart's so big and broke in two.
Your mind drifting through all you knew.

Afraid to love; afraid to lose;
Afraid to start; afraid to choose;
Afraid to live; afraid to die;
Afraid to let these days go sail by;
Afraid to change or stay the same;
Afraid to lose yourself again;

Afraid of the truth that love could cause you so much pain.

I know.

I felt it, too.
Sweetheart, I wish it wasn't true.

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    General Commentso i used to think that this song was a song he wrote to a girl with whom he used to be in love but isn't anymore, and this was like his confession saying they both knew it and he's just saying it, even though it's really sad.

    but now i kind of think the opposite. it sounds to me like mikel is courting a girl who has a boyfriend, but she really seems to take a shine to him (mikel), and so she is conflicted and doesn't know what to do. the "lie i've lived with you" could be the affair, a guise of a relationship but not a real one because she's still unsure. the whole second stanza is just about how sad she is because of the internal conflict. then in the third stanza, he says "everybody that i know tells me just to let it go" because he has had a series of relationships that meant nothing to him but a lot to the girl, but now he's sitting alone and picturing this girl, implying she's different, which is the only reason he cares that much about the predicament she's in. "you're heart's so big and broke in two" means she's divided; "mind drifting through all you knew," as in she's trying to discern what the best thing to do is.

    the whole last part, about being afraid, i think is the best evidence of my interpretation. she's afraid to love this new guy (mikel); afraid to lose, in that she's got something stable now she can rely on and if she leaves him for mikel then she could very well lose that or both; afraid to start a new relationship; afraid to choose which one to be with; etc., and afraid of the truth, that love, for this new attraction, can cause you so much pain. he "felt it too," the painful loving yearning; and he also wishes the circumstances weren't the way they are.

    there do seem to be alternate versions of this song, including slightly different lyrics (like "you run from everything they say, hurt the ones you love blindly" and "darlin i wish it wasn't true"), but the meaning doesn't change. still, i can't wait for a studio version of this song. one of the most gorgeous songs i've ever heard.
    tinto1123on March 04, 2010   Link
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    General Commenti think what he is talking about is the girl that he let slip away. he says that all the people he knows said he should have let her go, the way we go to our friends for relationship advice. they told him just let her go because of this or that. now she is gone, 1000 miles away, and he pictures her crying and unhappy. he is telling the girl that she is unhappy because of all the things that she is afraid of, but most of all that she is afraid of the truth that love can cause you so much pain. he says that he understands why she is the way she is, because someone broke her heart. then he tells her that he feels it too, implying that someone broke his heart as well.

    there is an idea out there that you can only really fall in love once, because once your heart is broken you cannot fully trust someone with it ever again. thats what the letter to Georgia, the girl's name, is about. he is telling her that despite the fact that he has to respect the fact that love can break his heart, he still wants to be with her. he let her go and still he finds himself thinking about her and pining for her. its kind of sad, but still really sweet; and highly relate-able to anyone that let their second chance at love slip away for a stupid reason like fear of being hurt again...
    frede002on March 12, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationThe lyrics posted here are a bit off, but this song is very pretty and simplistic. The song begins with the narrator looking out his window on a rainy afternoon thinking of someone he used to love. He's painting this picture of his life without her and asking rhetorical questions, as if writing her a letter. Apparently he had a lot of history with this woman -"so many lives I've lived and died but none so much as the one I lived with you"

    In the song he expresses that she is far away from him and that he's having trouble letting her go. He pictures her unhappy and mentions that she hurts the people she loves including him. He recalls all the things she feared towards the end of the song and acknowledges that love can be painful. He connects with her struggles and fears at the very end and sadly concedes that he wishes things were different with "darling, I wish it wasn't true."
    sburkuson September 29, 2013   Link
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    General CommentCan't seem to understand the lyrics. any one help? just type it in youtube. it sounds like an amazing song.
    eclipse720on October 25, 2009   Link
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    General Commentk i found the lyrics. check it out!
    eclipse720on October 25, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI definitely agree with Frede, but I would say this. I feel like that she broke/left him because of things that happened in her past and that's what he's saying in the song is that he's been down that road before and he can relate to being hurt like that and trying to fall in love again, but she's finding it much harder to do because she is afraid of the same hurt. To me the song is more about her than about him.
    redwall230on July 20, 2011   Link
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    General CommentPart of the lyrics are wrong
    Instead of "that held away to an endless sad goodbye."

    It should be - "that held the weight of all these sad goodbyes."

    and it's not shirt on too, it's "shirt torn through."
    gatorarman12on March 06, 2012   Link
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    Song MeaningMikel posted this on facebook:
    It looks like the most popular request was A Letter to Georgia. Thank you for all of your responses to this series. It's been a privilege --

    I wrote this song one rainy afternoon in my old one-room cracker jack apartment in Los Feliz. She, driving cross-country back to Georgia. Me, staring at the rain on the street. Funny how time spent with someone can feel like an entire life, an entire identity: the jokes you share, the food you eat together, the places you visit — as if the idea you have of yourself is inextricably tied to these mundane objects. And when, and if it ends, these things can haunt you — giving the objects meaning: the whole of your being wrapped up in something as silly as a spoon of peanut butter, a plastic figurine purchased one thoughtless happy day. It sits next to you on the night stand, silhouetted by the street and the sky — and she, thousands of miles away, driving down the highway alone. I wrote the song, recorded it and sent it to her. Many people have asked why we never put it on a proper album. The answer is because we didn’t think we could beat the live version we did at Disney Concert Hall. As usual, Daren came up with a perfect rhythmic compliment to the song and Anna Bulbrook's voice is downright chilling. - Mikel
    telaon September 20, 2014   Link

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