[I. Hold In Derision]

Pioneering, big breakthroughs
Proceeded by the opposition
Hold in derision all that's new
Afraid to lose their own esteem

Scorn shall be directed at the genius
Represses subtle theories of the light
to the questions of life

Quantum physics lead us to
Answers to the great taboos
We create the world around us
God is every living soul

Science, spirituality
Will have to meet along the way and
We need new drifts, another view
Expand our grip on the cryptic soul

Hope is more than a postponed disappointment

Non intellegens nil explicas
Videre nolens nil capies
Non intellegens nil explicas
Incognita non vides

Open your Sahasrara

[II. Children Of The Light]

Light creates us all
Pride will make us fall
Life is meaningful
Life delight us all

Light creates us all
Pride divides us all
Life is meaningful
The soul survives us all

Misled by science
Our wake up call
Conditioning cannot fool us 'till the end

[III. Bardo Thödol]

Guide us safety
through the gates of death

[IV. Paragons Of Perfection]

Nothing here will be the same
I'll see the world through different eyes and
I was given clarity
And the wisdom I can't deny

All that we can never see
Until we leave this frail existence
Is just a shadow of reality
Death is not the final instance

It's not your time
You have to go back... back!

No, no, I don't want to return,
please let me stay here, don't make me go back

Go back, you've got work to do

We're not alone, we are all one.

Nothing here will be the same
The smallest bit is as big as nature
Our limited capacities
Gives us trouble to comprehend

We are linked in every way
And we're strong as our weakest fragment
Every word that we convey
Is an act with consequences

[V. The Harsh Return]

Light creates us all
Pride will make us fall
Life is meaningful
Life delight us all

Light creates us all
Pride divides us all
Life is meaningful
The soul survives us all

Greed will make us fall
Light will bind us all

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Kingdom of Heaven ~ A New Age Dawns - Part V ~ song meanings
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    General CommentNon intellegens nil explicas
    Videre nolens nil capies
    Non intellegens nil explicas
    Incognita non vides


    Lacking understanding, you explain nothing
    Unwilling to see, you will grasp nothing
    Lacking understanding, you explain nothing
    You do not see the unknown

    ~ Sahasrara en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
    ~ Bardo Thodol en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…
    efkanon November 13, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis is such an amazing song. The song is about scientists trying to give an explanation on what life is. But no matter how far they get, they will fail to explain life with science and soo the people will blame the scientists and the geniuses and look toward god and heaven. What they don't realise is that god is every one of us and we can create and manipulate the world around us with thought and that the heaven they preach to is what they are living at this moment.
    EpicNight13on March 03, 2010   Link
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    General Commentwhoops, nvm, wrong song, that comment was ment for design your own universe
    Endrance88on June 15, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI always considered that song as very pessimistic about humanity as seen through a religious point of view. For me it relates the creation of heaven, operated by divine creatures. The problem is that it never ends ; to complete their "work", to make the paradise better and better, to understand and govern the rules of the world, they have to relativize all the time, to refers themselves to spiritual creeds, to explore and exploit capacities and theories over and over again, untill they reach their extreme depths. They spend their whole time in a hard work that involves a rigor that became usual, as the frustrations they have to live if they want to "progress".
    The problem is that of course they're not quiet ; they've totally gone mad. They've locked themselves in their delirium. We could imagine that a song about the creation of heaven, about heavenly creatures would be light, quiet, amazed, etc. But here they're is a rythm always very fast, very marked, with agressive voices, and melodies that seems totally out of control. They lost themselves in their erudition, they're jailed in their fierce and unending work, their perfection has reached its own vice.
    So the mortals that come up to the paradise are expelled with anger : in this world of erudition, of perfection, of outcome, they doesn't mean anything, they don't belong.
    Eventually it's funny because this "kingdom of heaven" is more like a kind of hell.
    Epica have always been pessimistic – in a certain way, I'm caricaturing – about humanity. Here it's so important that it reached the gods themselves. We can imagine that the perfection that religious people gives to their gods is relativized here... a such perfection can only eat itself.
    It's my interpretation.
    (sorry if there's a few mistakes, I'm french !)
    mascheraon December 20, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI think the song is about the economy and how everybody is worried and hoping for someone to come and save us all. However, the only way that we can be saved is to save ourselves by using our own intelligence instead of depending on some magical forever promised redemption. That is just my opinion \m/
    danth3m3thon August 31, 2012   Link
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    General Commentfrom what i hear and gather from the song, it's partially about the mayan society breaking down after being promised a new king who would liberate them from slavery and sacrifices, unfortunately the king couldn't keep his promise and thus the kingdom is in war and chaos

    that's the physical aspect of it

    the spiritual aspect of it is how the people truly believe ascending into an after life or expecting hope.
    Endrance88on June 15, 2011   Link

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