"Devotion ('92)" as written by and Lawrence El Grecco/allen Waddell....
[ VERSE 1: Charizma ]
Hello sweet, how you been?
(Fine, what have you been doin?) Makin ends with my friends
Coolin, roamin the streets makin beats harder than concrete
From pens to pads to Technics
I haven't been around, though in the essence I'm there
My days are sunny but I'm like Sonny without the Cher
I got feelings for you, I got feelings for some other friend-friends
When will the madness end?
I can't be faithful from the start
I feel like heart attacks, so I be break-breakin hea-hearts
Pops told me to watch my hoes
Oh, at the rainbow there may not be a pot of gold
No freein myself from cutie pies on the jock
I warn ya but like a fugitive don't wanna get caught
My girl don't know I'm skeezin havin fun
(Man, I just caught up in this man, I love skins)
My girl does know I be her mad love shogun
It's hard to stop-stop cheatin yeah, I'm devious
Girls don't trust me because of my previous
One or the other, I must take a pick
But if push comes to shove I go back to my old tricks

[ VERSE 2: Charizma ]
Devotion, devotion, devotion (Devotion)
Next thing I know all these hoes is out boastin
News went back and forth throughout the streets
Girls like Roadrunner givin me beeps
Relationships comin, yeah, I kick the habit
But just as I am I know I want a tad bit
It comes and goes as I can clearly see
Right now you can hear me (But can you really hear me?)
Mixed up in the shuffle, so have a open mind
Somebody's some fool tic-toc at sometimes
All this chaos from the girls I hurt
(He loves me) You got up hopes like a mini skirt
No one knows where the rainbow ends up
So what makes you think I'm out for a quick...
Quick, hopp out the window, my moms stopped to snore
Knowin I got another girl at the front door
(The domino theory) One falls, two falls, I'm down
No hoes come around and I belong in a dog pound
Sayin I ain't sh- and I'm not givin up lovin
Yo yo I got my music, so girl stop buggin

[ VERSE 3: Charizma ]
(I got it) My girl left me (Damn)
(Charizma, don't bug) But she's with another man
I can't have another kid takin what's rightfully mine
She played me, put me on pause and now she rewinds
I got-got a taste of my own medicine
I'm hesitant, she won't let me visit her residence
I'm crushed, but it was comin to me, though
She reversed it up on my like a game of Uno
All my tramps scrammed, I'm feelin sad and blue
Oh what did I get myself into?
I should have known that this girl was the one
Cause if she had beef I'd let her pack my only gun
Only one, only two, three, three I ran games
Neglected so many girls that I'm in the hall of fame
But that's nothin to be proud of ( ? ) apart
I gotta go back to the start
(Man I dunno man I just gotta take it day by day)

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