I'm a peeping tom, I shamelessly watch the windows next to me
When it's dark outside, there's nowhere they can safely hide
I can see you when you're getting ready to go out
And all the stuff you're embarrassed about
And when you sing offkey, I can't hear you
But I see that your mouth is moving

Can you see me?

I only watch you when I'm bored
You replace all the gadgets that I can't afford
Don't know your name, but I like the PJs that you wore
Please don't be creeped out by me
But you're my miniature TV
Comb your hair and brush your teeth so obliviously

Can you see me?

When your lights are off, I wonder where you go
'Cause I wanna serenade you from my window

I can sit and be amused by your scandalous dance moves
And if you're sick of dancing alone, I will come and dance with you

Can you see me?
Can you see me?
Am I creepy?

Well I'll come dance with you (Can you see me?)
I'll come dance with you (Can you see me?)
I'll come dance with you, I'll come dance with you
I'll come dance with you if you want me to

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    General Commentgahhhh, I love Julia.

    I relate to this song a lot, it reminds me of this guy I go to school with who I don't really know. Even though I don't know him at all, I have a semi crush on him, and I like to watch him and he's just fascinating to me. I always listen to what he says and pay attention to what's going on in his life.

    I always feel really really creepy about it lol.

    But that's just what I get out of this.
    RedNosedBaboonon April 25, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis is one of my favourites from the I Wrote These album. I think that's mainly to do with how relatable the song is in it's lyrics, and to be honest, there is no subtlety about the meaning of this song.

    It's about that feeling you get when you 'like' someone, and how you're constantly wondering if they like you in the same way. Or even if the can see you at all. Eventually you think what you are doing is creepy. But it's really not.

    ThatGuy93on July 05, 2010   Link

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