"Supernova" as written by and Ticotin....
Mil estrelas explodindo
dentro de mim
Mil cometas colidindo
dentro de mim

Mil galáxias escorrendo
entre os lençóis
Mil planetas revolvendo
ao redor nós

Encosto no teu rosto
e tento alcançar meus sonhos
Longe vejo o dia querendo chegar

E essa tua gravidade que me atrai
O peso da palavra que não sai

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"Supernova" as written by Ticotin


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Supernova song meanings
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    General CommentOk, this is my favorite song so I HAVE to try (daunting as it is).
    The one thing I do know is from the footnote for the song on the album.

    2009- When the sun dies it sinks in on itself until it reaches a critical density and releases a massive amount of energy called a supernova... it either dies or lives on to become a black hole.

    A supernova, being either the star or the very explosion of it, is one that suddenly collapses on itself to its core and becomes way brighter, much denser, and far smaller. It is a very dramatic change, in a metaphorical sense. Directly relating to the song, to "Light up the sky like a supernova" would be a radical and amazing visual display. Who is "you"? Perhaps someone that he cares about, or maybe a more permeating force. The latter is suggested in the first stanza.

    And now I close the door
    Melding a resurrection
    Living through every war
    I underscore the pain
    Windows of fantasy
    Shadows of expectations
    Drowning in agony
    I set this body free

    Here, there is an action that cannot be reversed. It is the culmination of a change that has hidden meaning (melded). But it is not just the end of what was, it is also rebirth, into something new. A black hole or a neuron star? Hopefully for the latter, as resurrection seems to oust becoming something that will die after destroying all that is around it. Becoming nothingness - this sounds very unattractive. I believe that resurrection is what will be. Otherwise Sahaj is just wondering about it, whether this supernova metaphor will die or be reborn. Like a supernova becoming a neutron star, which lights up and begins burning brighter and becoming denser and hotter it will seem smaller but be more powerful. Maybe it is the band itself - just a thought. They have underscored pain, especially in From One. They give us windows of fantasy, like their metaphors and spiritual imagery. They live through wars, both in that they wrote something that will outlive their deaths in it's own manner, and for the less direct meaning that wars refers to conflict. They display these shadows with fictitious characters, either copied from real life or created, and their coming together under an album theme, all displaying similar patterns. This creates expectations, as if shown by shadows they show in their songs.

    I believe the writings on the wall
    I don't regret at all
    I never played the game
    Part of me will always see the sun
    As if it just begun
    To be the only one
    Who knew what I became

    Writings on the wall is a recurring image, I don't know the meaning, but I guess it's something like a message that he believes in. Maybe like a prophesy of some past writer or their own. It is believed in, so much so that it was enough to write it on walls, to keep it with us, like Egyptian art - hieroglyphics in tombs for spiritual guidance. This is not just hope, he more than hopes it's true. It is more to him, is IS true. He doesn't regret adhering to this belief, not playing a 'game' in his life may our interactions and relationships, figuratively. Part of him always seeing the sun. My best guess, is that this is about the celestial bodies' constancy and what it represents in one way - it is a guiding force that will always be there. It is a spiritual metaphor that persists no matter what occurs in his life. It doesn't fade, like it just began anew each day. The band being Ra, the sun god, it may be alluded to by this. Maybe the band truly knows him? Maybe its his wife, as she could be a constant presence who truly knows him? Maybe its his connection to higher power in the universe that is all-knowing? Either way, it knows who he was and is today. This different from what many people thinks he is. On what level, i can't begin to know, it is too vague here.

    The chorus,
    Lighting up the sky just before its over is an extension of the metaphor of the supernova. It goes out with a bang and is reborn or dies. Hopefully it is not a farewell from the band and that the footnote was metaphorically connected but not in this way.

    The whole spoken section:
    It scares me to think that its an extension of the band metaphor. Basically, time is against Sahaj or whatever idea or person he is speaking as. The ticking of the moments seems a countdown, they are like broken waves in the desert. Here everything is the same, except the broken waves, and maybe time is the only thing that seems really extant. They are broken, not perfect and time reflects a hindsight that is not perfectly represented. The past can seem often better than it really was, the present too conflicted, the future, far to unresolved. Lolling envy cascading was hard, but this could be a reference to an expectation that was never attained. The following supports this. All there is, seems to be resent for what could have been not becoming true. It is what was was reached up for. I hope it isn't true, but the one thing I don't want to believe: that it could be the far-too-typical comments on Ra music; that they SHOULD be more popular and have gotten more viewers and more listeners. The numbing effect of this public opinion, it has a way of making everyone diminish their focus, forgetting a bit about the music itself and never being content. Whatever the meaning, the subject of the spoken words forgot to simply appreciate what was or are distracted from it. Only talking about how it should be even better, like suggesting a plunge into that deplorable mainstream music scene. I have heard about in Ra discussion, sounds like a horrible place. Maybe that idea of needing to be even better was a childish barrier all along but it is melting away now, right before its over. I hope it being over, if the previous interpretation is true, that what is over is only the barriers not the sun itself. I would welcome their lighting up the sky into a resurrected neuron star, so long as they remain a star. And the arrow that someone dared aimed that high made a mark on the sun itself, so who shot the arrow? Maybe everyone did, maybe it was a single person and the collective inference is misplaced. But the arrow still effected the supernova, expectation is definitely that part of the song, for me that is.

    The consoling evidence against it is Sahaj's past tendency to speak from a different view than his own. He often gives us a view that is partly his own, but with double 'voicedness' that 'dialogically' demonstrates his take on another sentient point of view or lifestyle.

    Also he says "me" in certain parts. The view point may change per stanza and there is is a "you". Either that or it is all one point of view, and he refers to being lost in the star, and that it explodes, maybe because he (the speaker) is ready to break the cycle Conversely, he could be talking to the speaker of the other stanza, complimenting on or about each other, both about the same thing. The "me" is lost in the star, and the "you", is the star. He talks first about himself. The chorus about you exploding. So, in this I guess he may just be explaining a role in something larger than just himself. I hope its just a love or devotional song. Or hey, it could always be a reference to addiction... no, I was just kidding.

    Lastly, the never ending cycle, that tears in him and doesn't heal. The moment is causing suffering, it is something like the wind, and it sets him back and he falls, being knocked down. Magical empathy and pathways, displaying to us that there were important choices and relationships to people or spiritual things. Like hope that is inherently needed in order for there even to be a let down, the stanza seems to be chronological. It starts with walking the way. Not just a way, THE way. A path that he knows is right, from where he can see other gateways. Even though he is walking the way, doing what he thinks right, he can't help the downfall he suffers at the hand of the 'wind'. This force is a very transient and unpredictable force, like human life and the everyday occurrences and trivialities that all represent something larger when viewed in a broader context. It is something out of one's control. Maybe it is choice, a hard choice, and a conflict that must be changed. It is the ending of this cycle. "it is gone": if it is about time, it is always gone every second, but it could be something else. It could be a specific moment in time, a pivotal one. Like i said before, the resurrection of the supernova or its tragic malignant death. The neuron star, its core elements still there, may be what remains. It is the same entity but also radically new.

    So, I just wanted to throw out ideas to get conversation going. Even if only to piss someone off enough to hear another meaning for the song.
    SCo88on October 20, 2010   Link
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    General CommentA celestial metaphor for a rebirth of some kind. The sun lives it's life, "dies" in a violent outburst of energy, and becomes something new. The song seems to focus on the lead up to the very moment before this rebirth: setting your body free from expectations, the confines and limitations you place on yourself, and discovering the endless possibilities that await you. The spoken part is particularly powerful, metaphorically commenting on our passive aggressive nature and the cost of that nature. The envy, expectation, and regret that we surround ourselves with, and our need to set ourselves free of it.
    blarghityblarghon July 02, 2011   Link
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    General CommentIt sounds a lot like an awakening or regeneration to life. It regards Ancient Egypt "writing on the walls" the name Ra with the sideways Ankh on an album. "black sheep" sounds like adversary to jesus/jewish invention (sheep - a follower)(in the past the ancients work was destroyed and replaced with shit to keep power in only a select fews hands for power hunger) since this song is a lot like spirituality and such I'd say to me - the song is for awakening to the truth ect ect. To me!!! me... It may regard to a different sort of awakening or whatever. to me the song says that to me. (:

    The egyptians yah see, didn't actually think gods were part animal and all of the stuff "taught" in the past, it's increasingly growing that it's known the egyptians were a hell of a lot different. 90% of it's allegory, and its spiritual coding. Egyptians were GENIUSES. They invented most math we use today.

    This is the main link: angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/
    more info is on there >> I cant exactly type all night :P It's quite heavy on the eyes/ears at first. bear with me. the greatest things in this world aren't thrown in front of you from the media. They want your money and soul lol. not exactly funny. It's fully literal from what we can see >:/
    spicycakeon March 07, 2013   Link

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