"Walk the Fleet Road" as written by Thomas Michael Smith, Christopher Dominic Urbanowicz, Russell Leetch and Edward Owen Lay....
A winter wind blows, in from the north,
Scratches your spine, cold like the forth.
But you're a long way from home,
Through the dark we tiptoe,
The hospital looms, as we walk fleet road.

Hold your tongue,
Swallow your venom,
You're too young,
Hold your tongue.

No push and no shove,
Spit your verbal mace,
Hate can turn to love not this for this human race,

Hold your tongue,
Swallow your venom,
You're too young,
Hold your tongue.

Hold your tongue, (my heart...)
Swallow your venom, (will explode)
You're too young, (as we walk...)
Hold your tongue. (...the fleet road)

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    General CommentIt's interesting how all closing tracks from each record follow some kind of parallelism.

    -"Distance" is a farewell song, but more like a "see you soon/ until we meet again" song. The conclusion after recording their first album and finally becoming a recognized band, becoming serious musicians, steppping into an unknown world that has plenty of opportunities for them and being a bit scared but at the same time excited of what the future will bring. There's a road ahead of them and they're starting the journey just now. First step towards maturity.

    -"Well Worn Hand" is the realization of death and feeling completely helpless about it. It's like being at stalemate, like losing all hope in the middle of the journey and not being sure if it's worth it anymore. You have to find the strength and courage to get over it and move on. Second step towards maturity.

    -"Walk The Fleet Road": 'The hospital looms, as we walk Fleet Road'. That image insinuates that they've arrived at the end of the road, like they've finally reached a stage they were aiming for, wether as musicians or as people. 'Hold your tongue, swallow your venom, you're too young, hold your tongue' When you are young, you have a lot of rage inside you and you're angry at the world, but when you grow older you learn to overcome those feelings and find peace of mind. So, they've finally reached maturity and now they're able to confront all challenges of life.

    Or maybe they just like to finish their albums with slow songs and I'm overanalyzing it. Whatever.
    elevenoclockticktockon January 23, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think it is about a someone how as an apinion how he or she shoeld'nt have
    MariekeSTon October 29, 2010   Link
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    General CommentOk, I recently found out an interview where Tom Smith said this song was inspired by his girlfriend telling him not to take things too seriously and not to worry about everything constantly. He's admitted to be the worrying kind of person, someone who usually sees the glass half empty and who can get very anxious about tiny things. I think this song represents him trying to find peace by walking the way to home, to the people he loves (Fleet Road is a real street in London).
    elevenoclockticktockon December 08, 2010   Link

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