Yeah... Aloe Blaac... Spittin' image, uh
uh-huh... Check the storyline tho...

(Verse 1)
Spittin images, you could see this shit in your mind
you know the way I tell a story makes it clearly defined
like an outline of a nigga thats dyin'
how they frame him in chalk,
you could see his mama pain when she walk
everybody holdin her up, she screamin' tears smother her cheeks
lookin' like if she been sobbin' for weeks
cops findin' the heat
under a bush, same side of the street
next to the bench where the bums and them sleep
they askin him questions, he aint seen nothin' when it happened tho
face was covered by newspaper
this new caper got jakes baffle
and the only reason they care
is cuz the kid who liein' there is nephew to the mayor
and the lady ballin tears is his sister
next day front page article headline with a picture
of a family reduced by one
one bullet and one nigga
with one gun and one trigga'
and one body and one casket and one digga'
at one funeral
one day to bury the human soul
one memory you could hold
hold it close like a blanket when you sleepin'
let it dry the tears that cry from your eye when you weepin'
one little brother holdin in the secret he keepin'
when he get older he gon' go to get even
I spit an image for ya...

(Verse 2)
next image like i was sayin' a dead kid little brother a little bit older
paid a little bit to nothin to hold a banger
lookin for the murderer to unload his anger
studyin how the bullet go from clip to chamber
askin around but he smart tho he askin for blow
so nobody know exactly what this cats gonna do
in his mind he could see the whole shit
practicing how he gon' reach for his waistline and empty the clip
then reload and empty the clip
no runnin' from nothin
thinkin' if he get hit, he dyin' for somethin'
when the day came he burnin' goons with a flame
pullin' the trigger with aim
yellin his big brother name
and when the federals came
they asked him why he do it
he said if you was in my position you know that you would
I spit an image for you...

(Verse 3)
check this image young dude 22 just signed to a deal
label owners callin him sayin the tracks that they feel
tellin him how they gon' blow him up
in the streets and at the clubs people showin up, to see him speak
and at the tv's the video's the hoes thats in 'em
the after partys to award shows the trophy's winnin'
the first place plaques for rap
spread across the map
fans clap og's in the game give him dap
like you the next nigga
make him feel like if nothin could stop him
everythings good
move out the hood
the champagnes poppin'
the hoes is watching now
they used to pass by him
now bitches twist they neck over they mans shoulder to spy him
clothes is clean, collars is crisp, kicks is fresh
watch is gleamin, shades is beamin', cap is leanin'
the rest not important, the niggas on his team is snortin' the blow
tellin him it make him hyped for the show
believe in them tho, he demonstrated weakness
the shit burnin' his nose, eyes waterin'
you could see this was his first time
hit him with a rush, forgot his first rhyme
good thing he could freestyle slick, but real quick
started losin' juice, the fans couldn't follow the show
magazine reports suggest that people just shouldn't go
phone bills gettin' low
usually that ain't a problem
but in this game you got a problem when nobody callin'
and the rep fallin'
ladies get they attitude back
story in the street a nigga got a problem with crack
even tho he wasn't fuckin' with that
if enough people believe in it in the street its basically fact
feelin trapped a young kid about to turn 23
tested the wrong niggas attract the wrong enemy
no dough supportin' his habit
goons'll have your life for not being up they hungry to grab it
and they grabbed his not too long
wanna know what happened next?
we back to the top of the song
I spit an image for you...

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