so...up down
on the corner, up town
turn around, hear the sound
a voice is talking about
who's gunna die next
CAUSE the white man's got a god complex

silent niggaz scream for hellp
AAAH!! hellp mee! HELLP MEE!
nigga, make your own hellp,
shit, you need it...
i turn around and hear the sound
2Pac playing in bars
pigs parked outside
in big pretty cadillac cars
printed in a broke-dick dog
sittin in a big fine hog
dressed for a fine...
in a mohair suit, fine...
but jim dale'll die next

CAUSE the white man's got a god complex
hey brother, what's your sport, my man?
i got just the thing for you...
only costs ten and two
what you gonna do, baby?
i got black ones, brown ones
red ones, yellow ones,
i even got a WHITE one
if u wanna buy sum
yeah, that's right...
2-50-8, play it straight
i got it all worked out
you know what i'm talkin bout
been reading my dream book
ain't no way in the world
a kid gonna get took

nigga, what u mean i didn't hit-
nigga, u full of shit
licked eyes, uh, now seven
c'mon bee nice, + hit eleven
well whadya know, it's li'l joe
hey my man...that 20 dollas say,
little jo don't blow
pa, baby needs a pair of shoes
hah, papa's got the funky blues
pa, mama's plays a cross with her dues
snake eyez...
sorry, nigga, u lose
the line forms to the rear, lady
and i don't care if u never
cash yo wellfare checks

CAUSE the white man's got a god complex
but i got ten babies!
i ain't got no man...
i ain't even got no choice...
but to hold out my hand
and feed my young ones
the best way i can.
hey man, what you mean?
no doubles on blackjack...
punk, you better change that rule
cuz i ain't no fool
you better bee cool, jim
or you'll die next

CAUSE the white man's got a god complex
hey, uh, my man...
i wanna cop a nickle bag
u say all u got is skag,
wow that's a drag, cuz
uh, i don't wanna cop no
dope is...death next
CAUSE the white man's got a god complex

hey baby, where's the gig at tonight?
well, there's one over at slick's...
for faggets and trix
there's one around graveyard's
side of town that'll cost u
a pound, but if u don't kno what i kno
u better pack your piece, at least
or you'll die next
CAUSE the white man's got a god complex

mr. stan, i dun paid enough rent
for this pad to be mine, but u just
want to cheat me cuz i ain't yo kind
damn, can't you see the place is falling down?
no, u can't dig it...cuz u ain't never around...
damn i'm so poor...i don't know
what in the hell i'm gonna do anymore
not from this day to the next
CAUSE: the white man's got a god complex

i'm making guns!
(i'm god!)
(oh god!)
i'm making bombs!
(i'm god!)
i'm making gas!
(i'm god!)
i'm making freak machines!
(i'm god!)
birth control pills!
(i'm god!)
killed indians and discovered him!
(i'm god!)
kill the japanese with the a-bomb!
(i'm god!)
killed--still killing--black people!
(i'm god!)
enslaving the earth!
(i'm god!)
dun went to the moon!
(i'm god!)
oh god!
oh god!
oh god!
oh god! oh god!
oh god!
oh god! oh god!
oh gggggggggggaaaahhhhhhhhhd!
(spelled blackwards is DOG.)

Lyrics submitted by tisktisk, edited by epiwoosh

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