Just in case children want to see it for themselves
Young Maurice knew that a quaint life raised on Elysian beach of Paradise with his family by the sea; today he sat as waves engulfed his feet.
Pondered what was out there that he'd never seen but just then, his sister snapped him from his dream.
"Are you going to sit here all day, Maurice? You're starting to look like a carrot."
"Very funny, I happened to be doing some deep thinking until you interrupted."
"About what, Captain Carrot? What are you thinking about?"
"I don't know, just that I've never seen the Crysid Caverns or the Haling Hills. The Sledge Swamp or the Purple Plains. Don't you ever wonder about the truth tellers that people speak of?"
"Mmm, no. Whatever it is, there's no way it's better than here. Look around! Anyways, mom and dad told me to come get you, dinner's almost ready."

That night while his family slept, Maurice packed a small bag and tiptoed to the door. He had decided that the only way to satisfy his curiosity was to see the world beyond Elysia first hand. So he braced himself and out he went into the wilds of the night.
The child couldn't know what was in store.
He'd never faced a thing like this before.
Walked night and day his face lined with sweat.
He's going to see for himself anybody else.

Maurice passed the lilac fields of Almaloya as the sun set on the third day of his journey he neared a clearing in the Mathildean forest. Sitting cross legged on elevated tree stumps were three shadowy figures.
The first had the head of an eagle with a beak of gold and he wore a crimson robe.
"Hello, young friend. You look exhausted, please sit with me a while."
"But who are you?"
"I'm the Oracle of Eperty, and I can show you the path to pure bliss if you like."
"Go on."
"Gather up all the gold you can and make an estate fit for a king. Find a bed of silk and build your doorway strong."
"But how is this pure bliss?"
Maurice knew he was wrong.

"It's not, and you're astute to ask. Don't listen to him. He'll only lead to fool's gold." The new voice said and grinned.
"Ah, hear it comes, what have you to tell the boy?"
"The truth is that the only path to pure bliss comes from the love of one's other half."
This new figure had a dual face, split from hair to chin. On one side she was woman. The other, masculine.
"I am the Oracle of Quandenthia, and trust me son, you must find someone who you love and pour all of yourself into that person until there is no dividing line between you. Then you're life will blossom. Your days will fill with song."
"But won't I then cease to be?"
Maurice knew this was wrong.

"Oh child, you are in my league, you see through both their lies. The true joy lives in spirit of which these two are blind."
"Oh, steer clear of him, whatever you do."
"She's right. He'll have you in spiritual shackles before dawn."
The third and final Oracle singed to a blue glow, why he appeared almost ethereal. Maurice noticed he was simply a reflection of moonlight. Long blonde hair fell around his face from which lightning blue eyes shown brightly and his arms fell like serpents at either side.
"I am the Oracle of Aslid Falls and I offer you a world beyond our own. You must bow and instill your faith from the lights of the universe."
"Faith in the stars? Arbitrary. Only money puts food on the table."
"True, but money does no good for a mound or a soul. Human love is the key to happiness."
"No, human love is fleeting; only god is everlasting."
"Bow to something make believe? Gold will make me strong? And give up all I am you say?"
Maurice knew they were wrong.

The child had seen enough of their rapport.
He left the three and headed for the shore.
A smile slowly grew as he'd sought the truth and now that he knew was that the truth is what you choose.

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Maurice and the Oracles of the Mathildean Forest song meanings
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