You said you cried a thousand times
But I don't believe a word of it
You loved it when my heart stopped
So you start to listen

Just stop and listen
Don't test my words

Just believe
I can't believe (x2)

Who am I to say

Fall Amy fly
You can't lie your way out of this one (x2)

Put faith aside
We have no way of knowing how short our tie is
Before the Devil knows you're dead
There will be blood
There will be blood
Now you know just how I feel

Fall Amy fly
You can't lie your way out of this one (x2)

Oh baby just maybe you're not the one (x3)
The fall
Was the start of the end of it all
And after it all
The hopes of the sinners will lose hope and break for me

Oh baby just maybe you're not the one
You never were
It was all sympathy and simple words of nothingness

This is where you DIE
This is where you die.

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I Used To Have A Best Friend song meanings
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    General Commenthow has like no one commented this?


    I think this song is about a girl pretending to like him, but he thinks she actually does cause that's what she wanted him to think. but he eventually found out she was lying and he feels stupid for beliving it and for missing her
    "just believe
    Like I did believe
    Who am I to say I miss you"
    like why should he miss someone who didnt really care about him

    "Oh baby just maybe you're not the one
    You never were"
    he relises that even though he may have liked her alot, that she isnt the one obviously cause of how she treated him..

    my favorite line..
    "It was all sympathy and simple words of nothingness"
    that she just lied to him about liking her and stuff so he wouldnt be sad or whatever about her not liking him, she just said all the stuff about liking him and caring about him cause she didnt want to hurt him or something.

    anyways that's what I get out of it, cause that's what it means to me, I'm in this situation right now but im a girl and the guy is the one that pretty much lied to me and screwed me over.
    youxxxsuckon June 04, 2010   Link
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    General Commentokay so between 2:45-2:58, I haven't found ANY lyrics that show what he's screaming... not even in the actual booklet.... can someone please decipher this?

    I understood something like:
    They fall, as they stand at the end of it all
    And after it all, the looks of it say its in itself across the lake?
    shenderon September 28, 2009   Link
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    General CommentYou forgot the end during the breakdown

    "This is where you die"
    ASPbreakdownon October 04, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAfter "Put faith aside" it goes "We have no way of knowing how short our tie is." probably just a typoe, but thought I'd mention.

    Also after the second chorus it says "Oh, baby, just maybe you're not the one." twice, even though you put that up, it's also there for people who aren't good at workin lyrics out.

    Also the trance bit has this...
    "The fall, will destroy at the end of it all.
    And after it all,
    The hopes of the sinners will lose hope and break for me."

    And finally, as someone already said; you missed the part at the end "This is where you die"
    Jay_broken_wingson March 19, 2010   Link
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    General Commentmaybe its He gave me an std instead of she cos the song's blatantly about a girl right? What if she were to sleep with his best friend and get sayyy... Chlamydia, and then give it to danny or whoever, he's obviously angry at her but it was his friend that had it in the first place. Or i could just be completely wrong and it's just a good title doesnt mean anything. Fuck it tho im seeing them in 2 days :D
    Leesuson December 06, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningIt's about how one of the singers used to have a best friend (a guy) and the singer had a girlfriend, then the "best friend" (who had the STD) slept with her, then the singer slept with her afterwards, giving him the STD.
    TBarson June 15, 2011   Link
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    General CommentDespite the title nowhere in the lyrics does it suggest anything about he girl sleepin with his friend then him.... If you can't ride two horses is not about riding horses at all So the lyrics dont HAVE to deal with the title but I think "youxxxsuck" summed it up perfectly I'm going through the same thing maybe with a little twist but this song comes the closest AA!
    DethPriTeraon June 24, 2011   Link

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