"Fade Away" as written by and Benjamin Burnley....
I'm cold and broken

It's over I didn't want to see it come to this
I wonder if I will ever see your face again
And I know that I will find a way to shed my skin
It's simple I know that I will suffer in the end

Fast I fade away
It's almost over
Hold on
Slow I suffocate
I'm cold and broken

It's hopeless, the end will come and wash it all away
Forsaken, I live for those I lost along the way
And I can't remember how it all began to break
You suffer, I live to fight and die another day

Fast I fade away
It's almost over
Hold on
Slow I suffocate
I'm cold and broken

Fast I fade away
It's almost over
Hold on
Slow I suffocate
I'm cold and broken

I'm cold and broken

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"Fade Away" as written by Benjamin Burnley

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    My OpinionI think this song is about losing someone that is very close to you
    ResUUU94on January 21, 2013   Link
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    General CommentThe meaning of the song simplified:

    The song is directed to the listener for obvious reasons (putting it in your shoes)
    It can reflect if your both male or female and from the understanding of it.

    Its a broken friendship, not necessarily a relationship
    As for as hard as it is to realize, for as close as they are they cannot be together
    You feel shattered, stripped and barren, maybe its aimed at a close friend or a lover
    Its so painful for you that you can't bare to see their face everyday and you never want to see them again since just looking at them brings you misery, and you turn to rage to solve your answers

    Your trying to move on, but you can't you have that rush and urge to hold on, and it will kill you if you don't strip it. Knowing that the mental abuse will only continue and the whole "logic" behind the friendship, its going to hurt you regardless if your close or not, because it will never feel the same, you try to break off, but you'll never will, shes in your head.

    You withdraw, you being to fall, suffer, gasp for air
    you mentally break down, trying to hold on but you fall even harder
    Hold on harder you say,trying to forget the memory, but all thats left is your cold dignity

    You try to reminisce over the break up
    Remembering all the friendships you severed just to keep this one alive
    Its to the point where your always pissed off and suffering where you began where it all started.
    You want her but you cant have her, so you suffer just to try again the next day

    Again, you advance and withdraw from the power narcotic (the woman) who strips down everything you've fought for.
    Your cold, your fading away, broken and alone once again

    Next time it happens, it goes to the point where you can't hold on anymore regardless of how hard you try, and you suffer even more, she forgets your face, she leaves, your alone, your done. Your not friends, lovers and family anymore, just one broken man, and a free woman to bring down the next man
    Legionfallson January 02, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI honestly cant figure out the meaning of this song. It sounds like a relationship ending and then it hits this person like a wall after awhile because he is questioning if it really happened. The other meaning I get out of it is this person is having a panic attack due to social phobia or something. I get the panic attack from the chorus when he sings fast I fade away meaning the panic attack comes on quick and then you start hoping that it ends soon and thats the (its almost over again) part. The Slow I sufficate part also goes along with panic attacks because when your having one you cant really explain whats going on besides feeling like you cant breath for a few seconds after. The cold and broken alone part could be that nobody is around to help because the only person who can get panic attacks to go away is yourself?

    I honestly have no clue what this song is about though to be honest, just my 2cents lol.
    Seproughon September 24, 2009   Link
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    General Commentwell i feel that this song is about a relationship story, at the begining they break(verse 1) and verse 2 is about him moving on and hes going to keep on for the ones that lost the one they cared about also instead of giving up, and it, and what drives him is how horrible he felt with her, the suffering(drama i supose)was to much and hes done with her crap haha, it seems pretty accurate to me
    InFlames228on September 30, 2009   Link
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    General CommentBasically, I think it's about him dying and he can't do anything about it.
    DarknessPrevailson November 30, 2009   Link
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    My Interpretationmy interpretation of this song is that it about losing someone close and are having issues dealing with and you wish you would just die already so you can stop the pain that you feel before it takes over your life.
    BrokenxTearsx241on March 18, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningJust my thoughts,
    Given that this was the first album Ben wrote completely sober, it seems to me that this (along with others on the album) is about his break from alcoholism.

    First verse: he's broken the habit and he wonders if it will resurface. Even though he's determined to "shed the skin," he knows that some damage has already been done and he will "suffer in the end" because of it. He has been left "cold and broken" (withdrawl?)

    The chorus: "Fast I fade away, it's almost over, hold on" he is fading away from alcoholism as fast as he can, but since influences are everywhere it will always be "almost" over, and he still has to "hold on" to his determination to quit.

    Second verse: The temptation will always be there, but in the end, the life he used to live will be washed away, alcoholism wont control him anymore. "forsaken, I live for those I lost along the way" because he has forsaken (abandoned) his drinking problem, he hopes to be inspiration for others that he has lost to the same problem. He cant remember when or why he developed the condition. But since he quit, he lives to fight the urges and to live healthier because of it.
    benster159on December 06, 2011   Link
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    General CommentIn the line

    "Remember how it all began to play"

    I'm pretty sure it's "began to break"
    TylerAHMon September 27, 2009   Link
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    General CommentAs I posted in Dear Agony, I believe every song on this album tells us one big story about a person dying.

    My breakdown of this song is the person just found out they are going to die.
    The person thinks about the people he won't see any more.
    He will try and fight the disease but he knows he will have to suffer.
    The chorus is telling us that the person is dying fast.
    The second verse just tells us the persons feelings of despare.
    They are dying fast but they're not dead yet.
    bb0911on September 27, 2009   Link
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    General Comment"I'm cold and broken alone"

    I know how you feel ben
    ForgottenProdigyon December 05, 2009   Link

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