"Sacrilege" as written by and David Paden Marchand Adam A Carson....
I'm never gonna understand this.
I'm never gonna let it be.
I just can't understand this aged plan,
It's obsolete.

How can you recognize and cherish
hysteric fairy tales?
They've come to life. Now sit by and listen...
The whole world wails.

I feel as though I've been abducted
Or maybe I am just misplaced
As I watch these rash hysterics
lay to waste the human race.

Just ask them if the sky will open
and save us from the truth.
They say that they'd leave today
Just without, without you.

Is this one big joke?
I can only hope
Say your prayers, they're the final punchline.
I don't see the love, below or above
Say you're scared, well, I feel fine

Oh, please believe (oh, please believe)
I'm doing just fine
For what's deceased I shall never grieve
Just let your faith die. Die!

I feel I have been abandoned
I alone seem to see disgrace
As I watch these mad dogmatics
govern our entire race.
Don't tell them you can walk on water
Or they may drink your blood
Why live for pain in the name
the name of, the name of love?

I can only hope
This is one big joke
With your prayers as the final punchline
How is it divine
When it's flawed design?
Fill the cracks with faith I can't find.

Screaming for pure love
You venerate
Delusion based in hate

Bleeding from pure love
For this I pray:
We've got to shake the faith.

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    General CommentGod, this song kicks so much ass. <3

    I think it's very clearly about Davey's distaste for current organized religion and how small-minded and ignorant religious zealots can be. It's a very anti-discrimination, anti-prejudice song as well, especially with the lines about "pure love" referring to the current struggle between gay people and religious bigots in the fight for equal rights.
    KTheLibraon September 25, 2009   Link
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    General CommentWow this song gave me chills the first time I heard it.

    It's great to have someone representing those of us in society who do not accept religion. It seems to me as if some religious individuals feel that they can go around spreading their views when and wherever they please, yet society looks down on and criticizes those of us who speak up for the opposing view. People should be allowed to believe in whatever they choose, but in my opinion, this also means that non-religious people shouldn't be made to feel embarassed of their beliefs.

    On a side note, I really like how Davey plays on the concept of "pure love" at the end of the song. If love is filled with delusion and is making people bleed, perhaps it's not so pure after all...
    penfiendon November 12, 2009   Link
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    General CommentYES!!! this song reminds me so much of sing the sorrow i started to wonder if they still had it in them. this rly reminds me of the movie of 'the watchmen' for a couple of reasons. 1) the reference to the 'big joke' n the comedian was constantly saying everything was a joke 2)'I feel I have been abandoned I alone seem to see disgrace As I watch these mad dogmatics govern our entire race.' seems to refer to rorshach because he was always alone n the dogmatics govern our entire race looks like it talks bout when he was talking bout the case with the lil girl that the murder fed to the dogs and rorschach said 'destiny didnt kill that little girl. god didnt condem her to die. we did' as if he blamed the whole race of humanity. 3)'Don't tell them you can walk on water Or they may drink your blood' reminds me of dr manhatan who everyone says is a god but he denies it.

    idk its wateve but it seems to refer to it alot to me
    Vailon September 23, 2009   Link
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    General CommentKTheLibra pretty much summed it all up. Davey doesn't waste time on frippery in this tune. He speaks very strongly against the blind faith that organized religion often promotes, something he seems to feel very strongly about.

    Even stronger than a criticism of religion, "Sacrilege" calls for people to ditch their religion and shake others' faith. "Just let your faith die."
    Pynspoton October 06, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI'm glad AFI at least kept having anti religious lyrics, even though they're a pop band now. Their hardcore punk days were so much better, hell, even Decemberunderground was better than Crash Love.
    sp00kon October 29, 2009   Link
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    General CommentSome fan you've been. He's been like this forever.
    It's awesome.
    sp00kon November 07, 2009   Link
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    General Commenti love this song it does remind me of my own religious experiences and my final conversion from Christianity and it does sound a lot like Sing the Sorrow my favourite album!!
    MrsHavokon February 02, 2010   Link
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    General CommentProud of AFI for going against religion so strongly but at the same time they could have done it more subtly. Actually, I really don't care. This is refreshing.
    Jejune42on October 05, 2011   Link
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    My InterpretationI'm a little disappointed in AFI because I didn't really know about their religious views before I first listened to this song, but this song still speaks to me in terms of the political stupidity that's going on in America right now.
    Flashfloodon November 30, 2012   Link
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    General Comment@roflhotpockets —pretty sure the Paul of Tarsus and his peers wrote extensively on many of the same themes AFI expresses here, warning us against organized religion: “those who claim to be Jews but are not,” (Rev. 3:9) and “so-called Christians—false ones really—who snuck in secretly to take away the freedom we have in Christ and lead us into bondage,” (Gal. 2:4). Hear me out—

    It is a constant theme in Scriptural literature because of how prominent the danger and temptation, for those who claim to have to access God to use their tactics to control a mass following, to move by hate and fear rather than love and compassion. Check out Galatians, 2 Corinthians, Titus, 1 Timothy, 1 Thessalonians... (Streetlights Bible on Spotify, AppleMusic, YouTube... is a great free resource for an accessible auditory experience with early Christian writers) —many of the themes of this AFI song are actually prophecied about in the Christian Bible—that’s what’s so amazing to me!!

    Davey is expressing highest truth—remember there’s only one truth, whatever name you give it and whatever way you come to it, and we all have access to it! As Davey here articulates, inspired by “pure love,” Paul was imprisoned, beaten, whipped, rejected by religious zealots of his time who challenged his message of peace. He felt as though he’d been abandoned. And who was his inspiration, his comforter, his exemplar? And Paul knew he wouldn’t be the last!! That’s why he wrote so passionately to his communities, warning them (and us) in writing about those who would preach to gain worldly power and wealth. They appear powerful. Paul knew, and Davey sees, how tempting it is to use fear as a motivator to gain followers and respect, but its power is selfish and it’s delusional! It cannot stand against true love in the end!!

    Only by standing together—whether you identify with an institutional Christianity or something else—only by extending what love you have to your brothers and sisters can we deconstruct the system of hate and fear that is undeniably powerful in our lives!

    “Shake the faith,!” Questionnaire n your faith, and then, your answers become more defined!! Why do you believe what you believe? Study that question!!!

    “Let your faith die!” And what do we believe follows after death...?

    So, let your weak, mortal bodies; your weak mortal faith; die, so it can be replaced by something far higher and greater than we might ever ask or imagine!!

    Now all glory and honor and power to the One who alone is God!
    PeterFrancisXavieron September 27, 2019   Link

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