When the morning has broken
can you see the great open sky,
or are you afraid to enter life?

From your world's obligations
I have struggled to get away,
and now I'm finally free

Pre Chorus
From the land of order I'm hiding
In the hand of shelter I roam
There's a light beyond the mountains,
and there's where I go

When the Maker rock the boat
the unbelievers dive together
Tonight we celebrate our never-ending flight
And together side by side we run into the light

I'm a needle in your eye
I'm the one you can never be
You're a dutiful drudge lost in time

There is no use denying
labour and guilt will always rule
your predictable realm

Pre Chorus
Solo Dahl

There are preachers among the fools
spinning tales of laws and rules
It's a language spoken in vain
I will never learn to take the blame


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    Song MeaningI believe this song is a response to spiritual oppression by religion.

    The song begins by asking us if we can see the greatness of the morning sky, or whether we are afraid to 'enter life,' as if refusing to see it is somehow a refusal of life.
    The next verse emphasizes how the listener is 'free' of 'your world's' obligations. Someone is imposing rules and regulations that belie freedom.

    The prechorus implies that the listener is trying to AVOID the 'land of order,' as if excess structure is to be avoided. They are in the 'hand of shelter,' as if someone is trying to protect them, but they roam around in it, as if trying to find a place, and 'beyond the mountains,' which I interpret as being that hand's fingers, is a 'light' that they are trying to get to. In short, they are trying to get free of a tyrannical order that attempts to smother them even as it protects.

    The chorus brings it home. Who is this 'Maker?' Obviously some authority figure, who in this song, is ruining everything. However, the 'unbelievers' LEAVE the boat, and swim away into light, together. This suggests a joyous rejection of the failing dominance.

    The song rejects any notion of leisurely paradise, and that 'labour and guilt' will always rule the 'realm' mentioned before.

    The terms 'unbeliever' and 'Maker' (especially capitalized) suggest that it was a religion that they are rejecting. In the last verse, they emphasize how preachers are imposing 'laws and rules' on the 'fools,' and that the unbeliever is blamed for something, but refuses to buy into their ideology.
    IceLordon April 17, 2012   Link

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