Last night we went out to the orchard in the snow
There in the constellations, a big dipper far below
We walked through the blackness, felt the endless space around
And you bent down on your knee and picked an apple from the ground

Out past the forest where the Saint Lawrence lies
We heard the cargo ships go pushing through the ice
You turned when we heard them, your breath hung in the air
And you said, "Just 'cause we can't see them doesn't mean that they're not there
But I'm not afraid of what I can't see
Don't need a reason, don't need to believe"

We climbed up a latter that leaned against the hay
And out in the distance saw the highway far away
The headlights all sparkled, blending into the sky above
Where the moon was coming up, and I knew that's all there was
But I'm not afraid of all that space
'Cause everything I need is written on your face

Over by the barn in the dark, we heard the geese
They carried our boots past the naked little trees
We smelled the cold bark in the air and the sweetness of
The fruit on the ground, and the wood smoke above

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The Orchard Lyrics as written by Alex Brown Church


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    My InterpretationThe not-narrator is stricken by the beauty of the scene, as is the narrator, and says so in a sort of off-hand way: There is so much here we can't see, but that does not mean it isn't part of reality. The narrator seems to recognize this as an assertion that there is more to the scene than the natural and thinks to himself 'It's great you think that, but I have no need of such beliefs.' In that perfect, beautiful moment, there is no reason to fear anything, no reason to invent. There is only to experience and gape in awe.

    The next stanzas paint a similar scene, and the speaker this time actively asserts that what he can see is "all there was", as if he is philosophically a staunch materialist. But the fact he sees no magic in the world in that sense does not at all diminish his awe for what he sees, and we learn of his great sense of love for and kinship with his fellow. He takes immense pleasure in everything.

    It's lovely.
    pavelkomarovon April 05, 2015   Link
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    My InterpretationI agree with invisispider, there is that loss of innocence present here, but there is also the sense of acceptance of not knowing what's ahead. The "blackness" and the allusion to the constellations (possibly connecting back to Orion and his fate) give the impression that the narrator is not sheltered anymore, and even though fall is fading into winter, there is the comfort of knowing that someone is plunging through the darkness with him, not knowing what will happen ("not afraid of all that space...everything I need is written on your face"). The simplicity of the phrases evoke a quiet warmth ("wood smoke," "naked little trees," "a ladder that leaned against the hay") and the instrumentation, with the delicate guitar part, adds to this image.

    There's no sense of urgency, just the wish to take life as it comes.

    Lovely tune.
    theclutterflyon July 13, 2013   Link
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    My InterpretationI think it is about the loss of innocence through a combination of sexual maturity and the ideological death of innocence, as are most Sea Wolf tunes. The Orchard, and the apples, suggests a parallel with the Garden of Eden story - the seduction which takes place. All throughout, the orchard is represented as a beautiful and peaceful place, but also empty and cold. The element of nature is mysterious and dark, while the human element is warm. This is the effect that pulls the characters together. All of the lyrics are saying to me that these young lovers are going off into the woods to be alone together, but also striking off into the unknown and facing their fear of it together.
    invisispideron July 01, 2011   Link

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