Wait a minute.
This is what I can do.
Walk for(4) miles.
Be honest and intimidating while kidding
Believe in myself
even if you don�t
Handle manual labor like it was an anchor and I was a Sailor
I already got the mouth
I�ve buried heavy machinery under the influence of marijuana and literature.
Press outward you try to press into me deflect your projections with an obsession
Live with courage while shooting both my feet with sure defeat
Unlimited uncomfortable emotions
like the ones that produce laughter programs.
Care about what you say that and the things that make you who you are.

Be both modest and motivated
It�s up to you to let it seep in
I can sleep in to the tune of electric chairs comparing compatible to the situation
A creature of adaptation I can replace a false logic and consuming with
my true feelings for matters of business or human compassion
Except that I am everlasting
I�m only as important as I want to be
live my life
For a greater cause
Ride a bike
That�s like remembering and forgetting
Neither is more important yet one is more psychotic than the other
Our brothers are rubbed out
Shallow be thy fame
I could easily claim ignorance and decide to default for the difference
I can laugh
I can affect someone�s disillusion
I can become the infusion of everything that surrounds me
Back off
Don�t get too close I�ll suck and steal and grind your bones down to digital recordings
Piece by piece and bit by bit frankly I don�t give a shit
From wild kids to babbling old men dropping gems down the sides of their crooked mouths

I�m the twelve year old girl Chomsky diary entry wannabe
Just feel that way around most of y�all
Shoes tied for suburban warfare
Ready to jump a fence I pay rent
It�s a series of digging holes and making dents.
I learned everything I know from children point and laugh
You�re presence doesn�t extend past your girlfriend
or office staff
I wish there was a better garden than I would live off the dirt in one hand and a frying pan
I�m not a vegan or a vegetarian but I�m beginning to understand
Taste the spice of life and let it burn
Give the child a knife and let him learn
Thanks to my father I�ve only ever cut myself
My heroes don�t know they�re heroes
I could go on but I can�t
Ready to ramble drowse the candle
tattoos are what forever feels like
Never been fired from a job I didn�t quit.
You suckers are still running around with your clothes on and make it halfway to cuba
Why would the sharks scare me now
The fires been burning higher than this
I�d rather be eaten by the sea than beaten by the beast
There�s no release.
Give a soldier a hug and tell him it�s human to cry and feel compassion
Some of my best friends drive ambulances
Cause cars won�t stop crashing
Cops get drunk on the weekends too
Do you? Who me?
I�d give a dollar to work at four courses (?)
Sucks the guy I see begging for change
Yeah I hear that man take it to the grandstand
How does it feel to be a statistic?

Don�t stop raining dump, dump the pain
That I take myself for a rubber room to play �go insane� in
Don�t stop raining dump, dump the pain
And America can be saved only by what it is trying to destroy
Don�t stop raining dump, dump the pain
So let the skies open up and let the rain come falling down I open my eyes tip back and dream of drowning
Don�t stop raining dump, dump the pain in
Don�t stop raining dump, dump the pain in

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Duet Tape Rub(bear)room song meanings
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