"Kisses & Kerosene" as written by Otep Shamaya, Otep Shamaya, Jason Mcguire, Jason Mcguire, Robert Patterson, Robert Patterson, Mark Bistany and Mark Bistany....
I wish
I can have you here
In my clutches
To remove the excuses from your mind
To part that haze
And slice your soul in pieces
To sing
You a lullaby
As I tie you to the slab
To shave your head with a dulling razor
As you watch
The splattered mirror
Above you
To break your ribs

With a rock hammer
To shatter your shin bones
With a shovel
To burn
Your fingers and toes
To a necrotic black
With liquid nitrogen
To crack your teeth
With a splintered club
To pierce with your limbs
With a nail gun
To silence your cries
To laugh in your eyes
To sharpen my favorite slicing device
And take your arms at the elbow
To keep you alive
For a few moments longer

To smell your fear
To cover your body
With kisses and kerosene
To watch you burn
As my
Human sacrifice
To hear you scream in agony
The popping of your flesh
Cracking as it cooks
To feel your child smile
The one you betrayed
The one you took
For nothing
For selfishness
In a perfect world
I would get
My wish

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"Kisses & Kerosene" as written by Mark Bistany Jason Mcguire

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Kisses & Kerosene song meanings
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    My Opinionthis is a very detailed yet meaningful poem..

    i think its talking about an incounter with an abuser and how you want so bad to make them feel the pain you always felt once it ended
    ladysadefairyon September 16, 2009   Link
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    General CommentToo me this song is all about torture and revenge. The thing that got me thinking was the last part of the song where it talks about a child. Maybe this is a song to torture the ones whom have aborted a child. Or possibly about an adult getting revenge on somehow you abused them when they was a child. Which ever way it goes, it for sure it to cause some serious pain and death.
    pinkforwhaton September 22, 2009   Link
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    My InterpretationTo me, this is not only about torture, but humiliation as well. Perhaps the "torturee" in this poem was a trusted adult who betrayed, humiliated and assaulted the torturer and now she is getting her revenge. Manifesting her pain as wounds on the torturee's body.
    Fafchanon May 14, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI listen to this song far too much. I am a victim of rape and this song portrays my feelings to the beast that did it to me. In a perfect world, I could hunt him down and torture him. Killing him would be too kind. I want him to beg for death like she wants in this song.

    kittiiwittiion December 13, 2010   Link

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