Fear me
I am your shadow, multiplied
I let out what you always tried to hide
No respect, no holding back
You'll be lucky to get away alive

Eyes wide, all rise

I don't care
Don't bleed on the floor
You really thought it would be that easy to put on hold?
I warned you not to cross me
But with all my means, if you can get up, off you go
I don't care
But don't rip me off
I'll go all the way back to get my bit
And if that means comin' over
To blow you face off?
So be it

All rise who haven't seen enough
Eyes wide, you'll want to see it all

I don't care
And I don't like your face
Your kind should just stay locked in
You know you had it coming
Serves you right you and your stupid grin
I don't care
Cut me off and you're dead
I'm king of the road watch me corner you
I can't tolerate this disrespect
My friend, it's bullets for you

Eyes wide, all rise

When I call you out
When I burn these books
When I drug your boy
When I shot up a car
When I rape this girl
When I maim my spouse
When I sell my child
When I break your laws
(What do you do?)

You pass by and do nothing at all
See not, hear not, fear not, walk
Glad it's not you got offed
It's not your fault that society's warped
You scoff and say it's all going down
"What's the world coming to?" I hear you shout
Hypocrites come out and do your frown
You practiced enough to get it locked down by now

Go down
How many more now?
How many boundaries broken?
How many more now?
How many yet to get smashed in?

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Ever Decreasing Circles song meanings
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