"Society" as written by Robert Campbell Williamson and Geoffrey Paul Zanelli....
Every time I walk down the street
I want to kill half the people I meet
Mindless zombies running around
Like sheep for the slaughter

They don't seem to understand
They soil the world with their dirty hands
They're content just to follow along
And to take what they're given

I don't need their condescension
I don't care what they do to me
I won't conform to their conventions
In this fucked up society

You've got to come to your senses
Break free from their grand design
See through their false pretenses
See the truth behind their lies

Users feed on innocence
Like a virus, spread their ignorance
Isolate, fornicate, and consume
Without ever evolving

They don't seem to understand
They grab at the world with their grimy hands
They're content to follow the crowd
And to do what they're told

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"Society" as written by Robert Campbell Williamson Geoffrey Paul Zanelli

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    Song MeaningIn summary this song is about the degradation of society, including social dependency, conformism, ignorance, and consumerism in American culture.

    It starts out with the rather angry line "every time I walk down the street, I want to kill half the people I meet"... which expresses the strife felt by the writer towards at least half the people he encounters, elaborated by "mindless zombies just running around", used to represent all the people who are still not consciously awake, and just plugged in to their cell phones and other electronic devices.

    The second stanza is speaks for those who just follow the path of least resistance, like a flock of sheep, doing as they are told, and taking what they are given. The third stanza explains how the writer will not bow to peer pressure to conform, and how what they think does not matter to him.

    The forth stanza is subtle and powerful in it's meaning. "Their grand design" refers to the expectations of the global powers, Illuminati, NWO, or whatever they may be... the expectations that a large portion of the populace is lazy, and will gladly exchange freedom and liberties for handouts and security. "See through" and "See the truth" encourages people to look, observe, research, and discover truth on their own rather than accepting what they are told by the government and educational institutions.

    On the positive side, you could say this song is about encouraging people who hear it to live their lives by their own rules, and not be part of the system that is only increasing the gap between the rich and the poor. On the negative, it is a somewhat anti-social message, and possibly has an undertone that some people are just stupid and non-contributing members of society.
    shadethon March 21, 2013   Link
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    Lyric CorrectionI think it's "I don't care what they do tell me" rather than "do to me".
    At least I always hear it so.
    Aggroshockon August 06, 2011   Link

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