Now the days hemorrhage hours
the messengers are overwhelmed
delivering postcards from heaven
urgent telegrams from hell

While the architects cut bloody lines
the grandfather clocks take their elderly time
for two ancient hands to align
and call for the blessed bells to strike

Bring me some stolen jewel, some ring of truth
when you come around
Honey just place your heads upon my head
and cast the devil out

Or have you fallen out of love?

Now, anything is possible
and when time turns my heresy into gospel
you can share the stars with me
they're the most beautiful thing that we will ever see

and they found stories in the patterns
I don't know if they're real, I don't know if it matters
to a chip off the old pillar of salt
when the doves have scattered

Bring me some stolen jewel, some shred of proof
when you come around
Oh honey just place your hands upon my chest
and cast the devil out

Or have you fallen out of love?
Have you fallen out of love?
Have you fallen out of love?
You've been waiting so long for him to show up...

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    Song MeaningAt a show last night Paul said that this was about the people who come knocking at your door to tell you that the Apocalypse is coming.
    satori-birdyon August 19, 2009   Link
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    My OpinionI think he's got a few different meanings for his lyrics, sometimes. When I first heard this he explained it as a scientist talking to a believer. Or, you know... Dempsey talking to a Christian. Haha.

    When you come doorknocking, give me some solid evidence. Fairly agnostic, scientific stance. I definitely get behind this.
    ohkamikazeon August 20, 2009   Link
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    General CommentFrom Dempsey interview: "There are some particularly hardcore religious types out there who basically can't wait for the end of the world to come so they can go and live happily ever after with their particular god, and all the bad people (who picked the wrong god , damn!) can go and suffer in their jocks for eternity. They knock on my door every weekend and pitch this idea like the salesmen they are. I simply wonder: can you find so little to love about the beautiful and precious planet we live on that you would rather subscribe to this violent and totally hypothetical idea? I live safe in my won view that there is no afterlife. I mean... prove it. I accept that we're all entitled to our own views, but I see no reason to believe otherwise. Just like I see no reason to believe there's a big pink elephant orbiting beyond Pluto... I just haven't seen it yet."
    pavlovaon January 10, 2011   Link

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