A cutter of stone walking down the road
Coming home from a hard day's working
And he passed the house of a wealthy man
He stole a glance inside

Look at those mighty fine possessions
Fancy rugs and bamboo window treatments
I'm but a lowly cutter of stone
I wish those things were mine

A puff of smoke, his wish was granted
He had become that very wealthy merchant
Two elephants in his garage
Eight-wheel drive, really big trunks

Now it's milk, now it's honey
No cutting stone, just naps and counting money
'Til he heard a noise and he looked outside
A mighty king by his house did ride

"I wish I was that mighty king
It's not enough just having all these fancy things"
Another puff, and there he sat
Atop that horse, crown for a hat

"Now I've got power, ooh I've got bliss
And people bow, it couldn't get much better than this"
But the blazing sun was unimpressed
And beat down hard on his royal breast

The king got so hot he did exclaim
"I wish to be the source of such force and flame"
Another whoosh, and there he was
Atop the sky, above the clouds
But of course these clouds did block his rays
So now the mighty sun did say
"Here's what I'd like", he claimed aloud
And thus became that very cloud

So far so good, he floated high
Until a wall of wind came blowing by
Blew him away, but before he went
Another wish, to be that hefty current

So he became without a peer
The rugged gale, the ruler of the atmosphere
'Til he bumped his head and he could not move
On a towering rock, with nothing to prove

"I can't believe this boulder's strength
To be that strong I'd go to any length"
As was his wish, he became that rock
The mightiest force on all the earth

So there he stood for all to see
The pillar of the community
And then a little tapping sound
About five feet off the ground

He felt his form to change and shift
This mighty boulder, bit by bit
What on Earth could move the rock that stopped the wind
That blew the cloud that blocked the sun
That broiled the king who ruled the land
Upon his throne?
A cutter of stone

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