Grandpa was a miner, and he gave me my black art,
Glittered rivers of black coal-dust tore our country apart,
Covered in coal-dust, waking up too early in the morning,
Covered in coal-dust, waiting for the moment the canary sings.

Mama was a mermaid and a carnaby street gal,
She could have been a model, but she spent her life mopping up spilt milk,
Covered in sea salt, would he, could he be home when the stars came out to party,
Covered in sea salt, yeah I know it was my fault, but he always ran away 'cause he didn't want me.

Oh, Daddy was a sailor, and he gave me a black heart,
Daddy was a sailor, the only man that could tear me apart
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,
Daddy, Daddy, Da-a-ddy.

Sister dances salsa, and she cha-cha's like a Queen,
I was a non-believer when she told me I was free,
Aunty Emmy was a medium, oh she worked the Ouija board,
Seeking out the lost souls, and taking them back to the Lord.

Oh, but Daddy still was a sailor, and he gave me a black heart,
Daddy was a sailor, the only man that could tear me apart,
Oh, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,
Ahh, Ahh, Ahh, Ahh,
Ahh, Ahh a.

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    My InterpretationI think the whole song talk about the conflictive reationship that she had with his father, and her need for being perfect, the kind of girl that his family want.
    Probably, her grandfather was like a real father to her, but he was really busy and tired, and make her really sad (that is why she said that he give her, her black heart)
    Maybe she is mad with her mother, a pretty and kind woman, that decided to live a simple life, givin all she had, but not receiving what she deserved; her housband, father of the girl that sings the song, was a man that didn't like his life, and spent a lot of time working, and avoiding his family, specially his daughter.

    His daughter was sad, and mad, and really hurted.

    She wanted to be like her sister, she wanted to be perfect, be free of her family.
    I don't understand what the lyrics want to say about her aunt, but maybe talk about how she would always return to home, even if she doesn't want.
    Tantalioon April 29, 2012   Link

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