(Tori Amos sample: Cloud on my Tongue)
got to stop, got to stop spinning...

Circles and circles and circles again,
The girls in Circles and circles
Got to stop spinning

Young beautiful girls, professional widows and models
Candy facial expressions, figure impressions of bottles
Novelties jettin full-throttle
vivacious to view through goggles
Vibrant, though minds caniving, a stylin' aficionado
I don't wanna lose 'em all, the lover eyes of a doll
Hot, erotic, she got it, putting butterflies in my gull
She's got my sense spinning, like a nickel in rotation
With no modulation, the type of pussy to form a nation

Many bitches give the run-around
and claim that they're not able
'I can't kiss on the first date'
But still be dancing naked on some tables
Claim the family's behind you
but you've spoken much too fast
Cause your mom and your cousin, too
claim you're just an outcast.


Round & Round and contemplating
Circulating like the earth be in rotation
She's the object of my fascination and brothers around me
Got my mind in the jungle
but girl, I'll house you like the county

I met this Honey named TORI, a most (AMOS) wicked scam
Who was the Waitress at the Little Amsterdam
with Talula and Marianne
Who used to run together like the horses ran
But Tori always used to seem like she was in the wrong band
Began the format to rap the precious things in her ear
Like, you've been here in my head
But I've been silent all these years
I've had this CLOUD ON MY TONGUE
understand where I be coming from?
It's something I wanted to say before she moved to London
It's been a pretty good year
she said, I went to China; all the way to New York
Her travels seemed to make her finer
She said she was past the mission of gaining my recognition
Cause she thought she was a cornflake girl in competition
With them raisin chicks, who turned to icicles in Winter
I had to begin to express all the times she's been the center of my thoughts with little earthquakes bringing me to my knees
I figured she was acting cold because she caught a light sneeze.


She's got me going in circles, 360 degrees easy
Sometimes she be colder than ice to freeze
the please of my being one of her L-O-V-E's
But see, degrees vary in her
So, to win her I'm a spin her with my flows
Think of the times she rolls around my way
But, hey what can I say, I see her every other day
And damn her face
It's a disgrace when I can't even write a rhyme
Cause every time I find I'm dreaming of her
creaming in my mind in position
it blurs my vision every time she passes
The mission just to get glasses or wax that ass?
But it's like, her candle never had a fire to light
So, my dick is the wick and I'll be catching some matches tonight.

She be that two-faced bitch that switches her hips like mood swings
Giving head to the winningest team on campus but still has time to be queen of the prom scene
Obscene as it may seem as an objective
Brothers have tried to reject it, but that ass is yet to be neglected

She's not the girl from Ipanema sipping ZIMA
She be that rave bitch that's at the disco sippin' Cisco
in her daddy's Beamer

So if she really wants to take you for a spin
She's good for nothing but the Holiday Inn
We're in circles....

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