I hear them talking to me inner demons stalking me
Running in between my thoughts and dreams I think they haunting me
Got me sweating got me stressing wake up in the woods with a Smith and Wesson
Bucked naked counting blessings blood soaked clothes with no confessions
I don't know what it is that's living in my nightmares
I don't know what it is that's bringing on these night scares
All I'm knowing is what the fuck I got to lose
When everything I'm dreaming of end up on the evening news

I'm sleeping only sleeping I'm sleeping only sleeping
I don't want to sleep I don't want to dream
I don't want to hear the suffering
Don't want to hear the screams

Last night I dreamt that I was standing by a streetlight
Bloody knuckles bloody nose but I was in a streetfight
That's when I woke up my body feeling broke up
Eyes glazed in a haze fucked up because I'm choked up
It's to the point that I don't even want to fall asleep
Every time I close my eyes another victim at my feet
It's getting hard to deal and hard to reognize the real
Hard to keep my sanity and hard to say just how I feel

[Chorus x2]

I don't know why this chick is barely breathing
Begging for her very life scratching clawing kicking screaming
While I just stand there laughing while this bitch's life was passing
Rope around her I watched her choke for every breath she's gasping
I watched her face and watched the tears pouring like the rain
How'd I end up in this place translated in her fear and pain
So sick my stomach churning in slow motion while the world keep turning
So sick mind of a vermin knowing that my soul is burning

I don't want to sleep I can't even close my eyes
I don't want to think what's the truth behind the lies
I don't want to dream every time somebody dies
I don't want to hear the screams
I don't want to hear the cries

[Chorus x2]

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