Something's gonna happen but I don't know when
I got a notebook full of pages and a Uniball pen
I'm gonna write down my mistakes before they happen again
And if everyone is bullshit why can't we pretend
Everyday there's new beginnings but there's no new ends

So there's a game that I invented it's called disappear
You can play it sober but when you're fucked up it's easier
You find yourself a lover and you count to ten
You close your eyes and if they're gone before you open them
Then there can't be no hard feelings yeah you'll still be friends

And there's a history that I don't want to talk about
Yeah I done some dirty things don't want to say out loud
And everyone has secrets they could live without
Pay attention boy and soon you'll have me figured out

There was a big mistake inside that factory that built us all
With a heart so big and a body so small
So if I start to freak you out you know it's not my fault
You can blame it on the way the human race evolved
Because the wanton heart is stronger than the self control

I spoke to an old lover in a dream last night
I said I can still see your picture in my wallet
(where the picture stuck to the plastic) if I hold it right
I made some bad decisions and want you to know
I walked a valley in a desert where no seed would grow
I felt a thundercloud in August drop an inch of snow

And I met another woman with a mouth like you
But her hair was golden blonde and her eyes were blue
She would pierce them into me the way that you used to
But I was immune yeah they passed right through

I know that I'm a handful I complain a lot
In the winter when it's cold and the summer's hot
Because half of me is happy baby half of me is not
Now I'm staring up to heaven with my fingers crossed
Some people call it faith I like to call it love, love, love

You tell me that I'm lucky 'cause I know what I want
Count how many kids our age who are completely lost
But I'd rather just be happy for the things I've got
Invest my time in other people grow my people stock
And I'll be serious if serious if serious is what you want

I saw a thousand men with shovels in the subway line
Said there's no diamonds in those tunnels
What'd you hope to find
Then I saw the miner's jewel reflect into my eye
I felt the miner's jewel reflect from deep inside
I knew that I'd be looking for that stone until the day I die...

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