When we were young, I told you twice
about the fall of civil things
I don't know if you heard me twice
about the fall of civil things,
But we both did survive our youth
so there must be some bit of truth in it.
So let's grow our hair real long
and if we're lucky it might take some root
Inside the sandy soil
'neath the arches of our tired foot
And send up from our weary feet nutrition
so we'll never have to eat.

But now, we don't know what's come
We don't know what's gone,
We just know there's something
that we can't put our little finger on.

So maybe if we're clever, dear
we'll sew together our own clothes
Have you ever thought about
constructing your own homemade clothes
Traditions we'll throw thread upon:
we'll stitch ourselves an octagon of silk
And in this raiment we'll thus run
like mummers make a masquerade.
Recruiting other revelers
condensing into a parade
That sweeps through sunset city streets
in trash bags and old tattered sheets again


Let's blow up big balloons
and send them souring into outer space
Then just before they're out of reach
grab on and sour up into space
Who cards for stupid oxygen
we'll die and just begin again from here.
And maybe in our second time around we'll both be bumblebees
Can you imagine us two baby bumblebees?
That crabby queen says 'Hurry Up'
We'll sip from every flower-cup in town.

'Cause man, she don't know what's come
she don't know what's gone
She just knows there's something
that she can't put her little feeler on

Or, if our honey-lives don't suit us
let's be killer whales instead
Now wouldn't that be super-sweet
if we were killer whales instead:
Swimming through the seas and sounds
passing time by eating pounds of fish
Or water, yeah dear, let's be water
simple polar molecules
we'll bounce around and bond
with other simple polar molecules
We'll interact by seeming chance
involved in an atomic dance so sweet


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