I've got some things to say.
I believe this announcement is over due.
My days blended together seamlessly and who knew?

The error of my ways in this world becomes so severe.
The day she interrupted my life it all fell,
but she was so sincere.

I've known some witches this town will still not burn.
Their never held on trial and we'll never learn.
They invade our hearts to bleed us inside out.
Somebody give me the liquids to turn this around.

I know she loves how every eye looks at her.
And she feeds on the pain you feel.
I'm telling you her words are never cut and dry.
And she keeps appearing at all the wrong times,
with a brand new lie.

Still don't believe me?
She carries a box of matches in the side of her purse!
She starts a fire just to watch you burn.
I've been trying hard to avoid it,
I thought is would make it but I was wrong!

Deep in the sunset the smoke billows high.
She lit the fire that ruined my life.
She started the fire that ruined my life!

Time after time you left me empty.
You'll be forgotten in the ending.
It's not just a game when you're winning.

She started a fire!
She started a fire!
She started a fire!
She started a fire!

Stay back.
She'll eat you alive or burn the heart that you have left.
Stay back. You've got to stay back.
She's the wicked witch of the west,
and the hungry wolf in the woods.

Stay back. Step away from the girl.
If you value you're sanity, leave town!

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You're Lucky It's Not 1692 song meanings
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    General Commentit's about a girl that breaks his heart
    DevlinMurphyon August 19, 2009   Link
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    General CommentSounds to me like DevlinMurphy's right, but I think it's also sort of about the Salem Witch Trials. "I've known some witches this town will still not burn/Their never held on trial and we'll never learn." Anybody that has basic knowledge of them (the trials), can see that they're using those as a backdrop for the song. Plus, 1692 is when the Witch Trials went down
    TheQ5on October 31, 2009   Link
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    General CommentWell it is about the witch trials and a girl that breaks his heart. Hints the title "your lucky it's not 1692". Meaning she would have been burned if it was.
    sunshinekowon December 09, 2010   Link
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    General CommentWhile the Salem Witch Trials do take place in 1692, I think the song is more specifically referencing Arthur Miller's take on the Salem Witch Trials in The Crucible. I would guess she is Abigail Williams and he is John Proctor. Perhaps a little bit of personal element added.
    beardownon September 24, 2014   Link

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