Asleep for twenty years with this feeling
but I was on your side
and he's spent some 20 years with this feeling
of being lost inside
he was lost inside
of his mind
just like I've been holding on for all our lives
all our lives

Oh David won't you look into my

He Turned too many heads for one lifetime
he never had to try
and he stained too many beds for one lifetime
but always asking why
always asking why...why
Just like I've been doing up until tonight
Just like I've been doing David all my life
all my life
Oh David, won't you look into my

Oh David won't you look into my eyes (x3)

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    General CommentFolks - check out the photo that accompanies this single. It is a black and white picture of two young, sexy, buff men wrestling in the sand with fingers interlocked.

    There is no way this song is about anything other than homosexuality. David is a smokin' hot homosexual male who has been in denial for 20 years. He's been with dozens of women (soiled many beds), but doesn't find satisfaction. The singer, who is comfortable with his homosexuality, has always sensed that David is gay, and he is pleading for David to "look into [his] eyes." Maybe tonight will be the turning point.

    The lyric "Just like I've been doing, David, all my life" is no accident. Take out the comma-see what you get.

    I had a good friend in high school who struggled for years with his homosexuality. He always said that if he had sex with just the right woman, maybe he wouldn't be gay anymore. Of course, it doesn't work that way, and he finally came to terms with his homosexuality. Now he is married to a Cuban yoga instructor and he's happy.
    kyeager10on May 14, 2012   Link
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    My InterpretationI think this song is about a male whos explaining a story about his weird, secret sexual relationship with his bestfriend who is also another male but is in extreme doubt with his sexuality and has been dealing with it for the past 20 years of his life. The narrator has delt with the same deal but is completely comfortable while his best friend isnt and is completely confused. Talking or yet the subject alone is completely taboo, because hes going through an idenity crisis so he chooses to party heavily and highly promiscuous with girls. Thats why hes lost inside. The narraror has been comfortable with the whole dont ask, dont tell agreement and hes been holding it for so long as well with them just being friends. But hes slowly starting to feel for him. Then the narrator goes on about how he was extremely good looking and once again points out his promiscuity along with his many relationships with women but still ask why. Like why do I feel this way. What is this? While this is happening for so long the narrator feels for his bestfriend and is like why do we still do this, How can this happen for so long you apparently feel nothing. Why? ..because weve done this for so long. Im right here lmao

    oh K2 haha
    Rwaaarrrrron January 03, 2010   Link
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    General CommentYet another great example of how amazing The Radio Dept.'s writing skills are.

    I believe the song is about a male named David, who's beautiful and gets all he wants, but unbeknowst to everyone around him, he's lost, never satisfied and a total dreamer. I believe he's also slept with a handful of people and seems a bit ashamed by it. The narrator of the song is in love with him and is asking for David to look into his eyes, perhaps if David did, he'd realize what he has and would be satisfied.

    Why is love never enough?

    My favorite is the 2nd verse:
    "He turned too many heads for one lifetime, he never had to try. And he stained too many beds for one lifetime, but always asking why - always asking why... why. Just like I've been doing up until tonight, why. Just like I've been doing David all my life, all my life. Oh David, won't you look into my eyes?"
    mad about the boyon August 12, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI think the narrator of the song is speaking from an omniscient perspective. David is so lost inside his own head that he does not recognize how aesthetically pleasing he is to the world. The narrator seems to be in love with David, but David, being "lost inside/of his mind," does not notice him.
    In the last stanza, it states that David stained too many beds- this can be taken as a symbol of sex, but also as a symbol of having the people he sleeps with obsess over him. He then asks "why," and once the narrator says that he has "been doing david all [his] life, he is not stating he has been having sex with him, but instead is also questioning why David chooses to be with everyone but him. Therefore, ending the song with asking if David will look into his eyes, and stain his bed.
    henriquez508on August 18, 2009   Link
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    My Opinionthe beginning kinda reminds me of the fresh prince theme
    mikhailguyon September 25, 2009   Link
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    General Commentoh david won't you look into my...
    dogstarmanon March 06, 2010   Link
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    General CommentMy initial interpretation was of somebody who has failed to launch their life, and they are stuck living at their parents' house while feeling very sorely about it. All of this about repressed gay feelings, however, has me thinking that it's definitely about that now.
    Anilandon July 10, 2011   Link
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    General Commentcritical punctuation: "just like i've been doing, David, all my life"
    hromon October 14, 2011   Link
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    General Commenti'm fairly certain this is directly about giovanni's room by james baldwin
    maccrash21on May 03, 2018   Link

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