See yourself to the exit.
We can’t afford to watch you resort to this.
Even hope hides in the shadows.
Nothing is real. Color is black, is white, is color blind.
Tucking away what’s true, what’s tangible.

You’re crashing faster and there won’t be
pieces to piece back together this time.
Can’t you see you’re ringing out?
This is dissonance.
It’s in the quiet of this place.
That all things come to life.

All that is real is blurred by your notion of reality.
Nothing is real. Color is black, is white, is color blind.
Tucking away what’s true, what’s tangible.

You skeptic, you. You believe in unbelief.
Now you’re the hypocrite.
You can’t hide from this.

Lyrics submitted by xturnandforfeitx

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    General Commentlol this whole song sounds like a contradiction. fail
    saythisismineon July 14, 2009   Link
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    General CommentJust because someone believes that christianity is a ridiculous fairy tale that defies logic, does not mean they don't believe anything, nor does it make them a hypocrite. They are believing that christianity and religion in general is bullshit. Therefore they ARE believing in something, just not what the band wants them to. They would be a hypocrite if they denounced religion publicly but actually believed in it themselves. Believing that a belief isn't true isn't hypocrisy, it's opinion.
    awakenthedreamerson August 05, 2009   Link
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    General Commentclaiming to be a "rationalist", and looking down on the silly mortals for "believing in fairy tales" is hypocrisy when all you have is a different belief. christianity cannot be absolutely proven, but it cannot be idisproven. so ya to demonize a group of people for not meeting a ridiculous standard you yourself cannot meet would indeed make you a hypocrite.
    thommcnealyon February 10, 2010   Link
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    General Commenti feel this song is about how we try to rationalize everything in our life.
    thejoysoflifeon July 19, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song is talking about how rationalists perceive our existence, specifically atheists. Many atheists claim that atheism is the "lack of a belief" with regards to God, which is somewhat ridiculous. If you ask an atheist if they believe that God does not exist, they will say yes, otherwise they are agnostic at best. Therefore, atheists do have a belief, the belief that God does not exist. This is what this song portrays at the end when it says "you believe in unbelief."

    The rest of the song is basically talking about how people try to rationalize everything and twist things to fit in with their presuppositions. What they don't realize is that if a creator existed outside of the universe, (which the Christian God must), then he does not have to play by all of the rules of the universe. After all, he is the one who created them. This song says that we need to look at what is real and tangible to help us understand what is really going on.

    Thats how I see it anyway... :)
    TheDarkestRed87on July 21, 2009   Link
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    General CommentSure gets you thinking.

    Lyrics aside, this song is musically unreal.
    midastouch84on April 10, 2010   Link
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    My Opinion This song is awesome, and while I personally disagree with the message behind the lyrics they are strong and thought-provoking. I would like to further some of the points already made here by referring to thommcnealy's comment. He says:

    "claiming to be a "rationalist", and looking down on the silly mortals for "believing in fairy tales" is hypocrisy when all you have is a different belief. christianity cannot be absolutely proven, but it cannot be idisproven. so ya to demonize a group of people for not meeting a ridiculous standard you yourself cannot meet would indeed make you a hypocrite."

    As mentioned before, just because an individual does not believe in (for example) Christianity does not necessarily mean that they hold another belief, or more specifically the belief that Christianity is explicitly false. In my opinion, the 'all or nothing' idea that you must either have the belief that something is right or the belief that something is wrong stems from the teachings of Christianity and therefore provides a warped or biased view. In essence, the non-belief in Christianity is not in itself a belief that something is false. It is purely not believing, which I do not think is hypocritical as it is entirely what non-believers set out to do.
    The idea that non-belief extends further into a belief of falsehood or alternate reasoning is an unfortunate side-effect of the term 'atheist', which furthers the portrayal given by Christians that non-believers are opposites or 'the opposing team', the 'A'-theist counterpart to the theist. In my opinion the reality is much more complex than this, there is not simply a left and right hand side. For example this song describes the 'rationalist' as the hypocrite, however there are many other religions with equal measures of evidence for their belief as Christianity. Subscribing to one religion while discarding another ventures in the direction of hypocrisy, yet other faiths have so far been left out of this argument.
    I hope this makes sense to someone as this is a difficult subject to summarize. On a different note, this song is awesome! ABR RULES!
    Acoasmon June 28, 2010   Link
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    General CommentOk, as a Christian, I would love to debate, or discuss what this song means to an atheist, or agnostic...but I feel like a topic like this is something that really needs to be talked about in person...thats just my opinion. I love going through and reading from both sides and I just whats on my mind, and im not trying to discredit anyone or anything. (fyi, my understanding of atheists and agnostics might be a little fuzzy, so if something i say is wrong, please feel free to correct it)

    Belief-noun: A state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing.

    I feel like the debate on things that we still have no certainty on (from both parties) is kinda of pointless. As a Christian, my BELIEF is my God, Yahweh created the heavens and the earth, etc. As for God, Yahweh Himself? My BELIEF is that what the scriptures say, "He is the Alpha and Omega, The Beginning and The End and that God has just always been there from the very start. He is so much bigger than anything i can even come close to comprehending. So i mean, for me, if an athiest, or agnostic were to ask me, for example, "How was God created?", I would simply answer, My belief is that He just ALWAYS was. Because honestly, anything else after that, im DEFINITELY not sure about. God to me, and other believers, is infinite, and we are finite. We can't understand ALL of God, at least this side of heaven.

    But as for Atheists, or Agnostics, we could possibly ask questions about some topics like, and im not trying to give my opinion about these topics, just use them as an example, but things like Evolution or the Big Bang Theory. Is there not evidence about both those topics that hasn't been proved, or can even be proved? Like I said earlier, if something I say about these are completely false, PLEASE correct me. But if im not mistaking, the Atheist, or Agnostic BELIEF is that one doesnt have all the facts to prove or disprove God Yahweh, and the other denies God existence all together?

    Speaking from a neutral standpoint, If as of right now, either side, believing or non-believing, don't have all the facts to over-rule the other side, why must we argue about things neither of us know?

    I'm not sure if this helps, thats just my thoughts. I hope it helps! :)
    ChocoLogson April 09, 2012   Link
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    General CommentI understand the song completely, and in order to be heard in an unbiased fashion, I will take no specific side openly. On the other hand, I know which side I stand on and would like to submit some thought-provoking insight.
    This song is clear as to which group it is speaking to, and which side it is speaking on behalf of.

    *Atheists generally stand by evolution, which states that the universe, this earth, and even mankind was not an act of creation but millions of years of species improvement and environmental development. This eliminates the belief in God and His influence in human affairs, and coincides with the belief of Humanism which basically states that man is his own "god", and he is in control. This was theorized decades ago by a well-known and well-educated scientist named Charles Darwin.

    *Christians generally stand by creation, which states that everything and everyone that exists was spoken into existence by God. This was dictated to over 40 different authors during a period of over 2,000 years. And yet in the centuries of biblical study by both believers and non-believers, there has not been one false fact or contradiction within it's pages. It contains numerous scientific facts that were later "discovered" such as the shape of the earth, and the underwater currents in the sea. It was composed centuries ago through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit who was present during creation and who composes a portion of the Trinity which is God.

    Both sides make excellent points, and both have some scientific support, but in the end I must base my beliefs on one thing: their authors. Do I trust a man, or do I trust God?

    And upon the foundation of that belief do I base the rest of my beliefs. Many may think my comment is irrelevant because it deals with creation and not with the song in and of itself, but knowing where your beliefs begin is necessary to knowing where they end.
    J1leonardon May 04, 2012   Link
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    General CommentLove the song, and if it gets individuals talking about religion; faith; non-belief than that's an added bonus. Just wondering why we're all supposed to be tolerant of everyone except Christians and fat people..and why we'll consider the possiblity of alien life form elsewhere but not the concept of a higher being called God:) Who the heck is responsible for evolution? I choose to believe in God, and His teachings have been proven wise for centuries. When I was an atheist for over two decades I NEVER felt the need to insult Christians. Confident atheists don't feel the need to look down on or challenge those of faith. Show some respect...where's all that inclusion and tolerance shit:)
    Thisaintozkidon May 04, 2012   Link

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