micheals a faggot a peadophile pervert whole get murdered
in jail when a shank is inserted the blood squirts out his nervous system
he's dressed like his sister his face twisted like twister n twizzler
the riddler the joker his father beat him into a meniakal micheal a monster a creature
a thriller that fucks children with his brother tido and lixa mennelli in a building
a,b,c easy like 1,2,3 plastic surgery what has it done for me
wiped out alive your flesh is peelin call up diana ross n ask her how she's feelin
a failure down with elizibath taylor illiterate peadophile quincey jones mailboy
your hair caught fire your a desiese snuggled up with little kids balloon fights in trees

(mr hyde)
faggot peadophile bitch who sleep with pre-teens
unzip there lee jeans n lick the feeseeeez, a dirty he-she who dont wanna be seen
in capes cos your face looks like re-fried beans
havin filthy orgies with your boy cory-feldman you ran train on little macauly
bras on ya chesta testical molestor im wilin to bet ya havin sex with webster
capture a kids cock stuck in neverland butfuckin boy fans wearin peterpan pants
jerkin jemain off with his jericurl juice hits of the wall mike ur assholes loose
hope in jail your harrassed when your givin up your ass
a vertical gash in you surgical mask, suicidal in ya cell you'll bre hangin from ya sheet
buried with you monkey 6 feet deep

jo jackson beat you you better dance like james brown faggot in red leather pants
you made up little lie go liar you albino you fuck little kids peado-micheal
40yearold 10yearold disowned by his own family for touchin 3yearold bones
robbed mcCartny of his cataloug a piece of shit tranny that moonwalks n eats logs
latoia's desgusted even ???? busted she must feel ripped of he fucks kids
he guilty he ate casey catums ass on bandstand i cant stand the mans past
from black to white a point nose a ??????? fobotic nobody knows
exept jimmy gem n jimmy lewis they all fucked eatother to make new hits

(mr hyde)
you bleached your face white kid splattered it wit liquid
micheal your sick kid what happened to you pigment
near transparent everybodys starin yopu share spti with kids then run away from parents
you get in bed with kids with a little john what u mean by billy jean is little billy john
you realised fast little kids hate sex but u bribed them with cds and sum raisinettes(??)
you boyscout leader kiddy cock eater walkin down the street lookin like atrick or treater
fuckin fag flamer, homo tiger tamer blowin sigfried in a cryogenic chamber
the man in ya mirror is old you aint young a figured you would get sick????:????????????
mike your an alien with a sparkled hat on elvis's daughter fucked you with a strap on....

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Billie Jean 2005 song meanings
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