I'm the product of a cheap condom accidents happen
My dad never knew he had a bastard kid rappin'
Sad when I met the man, imagine him laughin'
Sayin' I wish I could've wiped you off the matress with napkins
To him, my whole life is only worth a lame joke
To me, him and Marvin Gaye's father are in the same boat
All I had was mama, all we had was drama
So I'm a armed robber who needs body armor for all my karma
It's hard for me to breathe, I'm that gone
No woman can be my backbone, that's what part of me believe
'Cause soon as they get close, it's like pardon me I leave
Cupid shot at my chest but my heart was on my sleeve
In the dark I'm on my knees, prayin' to understand stuff
Suicide rumblin' in my head as I stand up
Gun in my waist tumblin' down my leg through my pant cuff
I'm reachin' for it, I'm thinkin' please ignore it
(I'm sick of me...)


Yo, Crooked, look at this shit that I put up with is it a crime?
To love your niggas and wish they were fine
At the same time, you ain't fine, reason would be the fallout
Boy, call out the names, of people that brought out the flames
That I cry, no enjoyin' my haze
Get the choices to get played
They be in your face like oil of olay
But no, goin' away for the poisonous taste Of your boys when they annoyin' and they know it's okay
To, fire late, a toy in the cage
What seems wack, until you lean back and get it nigga
The cage comes second when you buy the figure
So for that money, I'm a violent nigga
Vibin' wit'cha from a minds distance
By the way, respect is riches, I'm mindin' my business
Die quicker than the buzz, of a nigga doin' drugs
'Till he's hit by a truck, listen to us mothafucka

Niggas feel you over here my nigga, word
Niggas hear you over here my nigga
They see you over here, they need you over here
Niggas wanna be you over here, my nigga
Tears of fire
Niggas feel you over here my nigga, word
Tears of fire
Niggas hear you over here my nigga
Tears of fire
Tears of fire

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