Audio Sample: And I am here today in the hopes of lifting the spirits of America, because I understand Americans are very fond of song and dance


Florida’s only gold teeth and tennis shoes
Run from the free world in a terror duct stable
You can act like a Muppet if you dress like a man
I'm a freelance puppet with a one-way ticket
And I'll ride the greyhound until it breaks me
I'm a juvenile model of my future self
If you live for tomorrow then you dying today
And if you can come back around then you can find another way
So this is my album, why’d you buy it
If you’re a friend of mine then you’re sick of my mouth
Because I’m from down south you’re expecting the bounce
And if he’s gonna come with it then it better be wicked
Sometimes I’m funny but it can get annoying
Kiss me goodnight before I push you away
So this is for the girls that brush their teeth in the shower
Eat meat but love animals believe in the power of
Dishwashers and construction workers
From the springs in the bed to the circuit jerkers
I miss my spider I don’t know who’s got her but someone could have taken her instead of two more
So leave me a message when you ride your replacement
I’m done talking about my jaded past
From animosity
to sexual tension
to thunderstorm
to flatline
And its about time I get moving on
I’m freewheeling with a lonely heart
I don’t make excuses ‘cause they’re make believe
I’m a barrel of fun rolling down the hill
Shoulda seen me in my prime I was such a prick
That person I used to be makes me sick
So I’m throwing it all away

welcome to the crybaby crunk
welcome to the crybaby crunk crunk crunk unk unk

(don’t drink that wine)
Hey there mister corporate you think you’re slick
You’ve invaded our music and now she’s sick
But if she happens to die, because of your drugs
I’m putting in your culo a .38 slug
She swallowed it. Yeah!
If you want me come get me
How the fuck you think you can take me
I got my true
Here I go, Here I go
Bounce bounce bounce bounce

Yeah, “I’m so bitter” but I can still get live
We can get belligerent and drink saint ive’s
You can throw your bows and still act like you care
I’ll probably never be a millionaire
Don’t own a shotgun and I don’t want one
My mind’s still shaking from the Miami bass
You can pop the trunk
But you will never be the poison clan
Cowards in costumes get sprayed and paid
I hate yos, yos hate me
“Straight Out the Jungle” was my first CD
From the Jimbrowski to the backstreet boys
From The Native Tongue to All Creative Toys
Floridian raised with the New York mind state
Hip hop has never affected my crime rate
Child of the eighties I was still a baby
Listening to music people thought was crazy
My parents never tried to censor me
Even when I got “As Nasty As They Want 2 Be”
It all became a part of me
Integrated with teenage angst,
The Anarchist’s Cookbook and childish pranks
Raised in the runup of older brothers
Thank god he never knew frat life
Skateboards and Liquid Swords
Ganster Rap and Helmet
I’m a melting pot of what used to be hot
When blinded by the present
Keep it close to your heart and keep it gritty

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