A single spark of ignition
Yeah, this is all you will get from me
I guess it must be frustrating
To watch me stand where you’ll never be
A casket built by your own hands
And I know damn well who’s sleeping in
Ain’t gonna show no compassion
A light for all to see as motherfuckers burn

On the edge of hypocrisy
I can still see the truth
Behind your mask of sanity there’s still the same old pigface
I don’t need your apologies
So just stay where you are
Despite the damage you tried to do I still ain’t fuckin’ impressed

You know how I feel
So just stand aside
There won’t be no second chance
Before I strike
And all the words I’ve said
You better read ‘em twice
For I won’t wait another day
To get rid of you

And I’ve never lost my way in all this time
I’m sorry
Too simple to ask (for) forgiveness
It’s all in vain

There ain’t no tomorrow
Not even today
For as much as I care about
You could be dead for sure

Alone you stand in your silence
Witness the fall of your fragile world
A face beyond recognition
Shall bear the scars as my fate unfolds
No, you ain’t worth my forgiveness
For all I want is to watch you burn
Who gives a damn about morals
Crown myself a king as motherfuckers crawl

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    General CommentTaken from the man himself, C: (Disarmonia Mundi forums)

    what can I say about it… this is basically my answer to all the detractors of this band and lame people in general that occasionally have floated around or collaborated with us, morons of any kind that on a daily basis constantly talk shit about us tryin’ to bring us down, fake people that tried to use us, make money or obtain something out of us thinking that we were unable to understand their true intentions perfectly and so on (fuck, the list is so damn long!)… I went through these subject also on some other songs on The Isolation Game so this is kinda a starter , and the main theme is quite simple “no matter what u try to do, it doesn’t impress me... ‘coz u ain’t nothing but shit”.
    Isolateon July 02, 2009   Link
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    General CommentDamn I was posting this song and then got the message it had alrdy been hahaha. I didnt think anyone on the fourms used this site anyways gj Isolate.
    KAgemitsuon September 05, 2009   Link

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