I went up to Gaslight Manor
with some wine I had held on to
I looked up, and in a cold drunk stammer
asked the last time they saw you

The clouds were swirling wide
your sister had run inside
but your eyes were stuck there
careless like crystals
blinking like lines in the road.
it's the strong, not the heavy hearts
that are rarest in these parts
now i've just got my wine
and you've got a start.

Pages back, I had told McMurrough
that he'd better buy his way out of this
and i was back in the old brown burroughs
thinkin' he was just getting his

The roads were curling up
when I found that Big Door shut
and the voices were there
they were howling like headwinds
breaking like waves in the bay.
and it's virtue, not vengeance
that's rarest in these lands
and i've just got my wine
and you've got your plans.

I was there skimming my Bible
when the manhunt shook their town
and I was there when that Big Door wobbled
before the Glasgow took it down

They were writing out their wills
When the cops crossed up that hill
and by eleven that night
they were hanging like portraits
gone like a good memory.
and it's the clear, not the sorry eyes
that are rarest since that night
and i've just got my wine
but now you've got a fight.

I took my turn, started drivin' like the rain
when Tulsa gave the wheel a nudge
and I'd return as The Wind-Weary Traveller
who walked the world but never looked up

I could tell that you weren't there
in the streets or the market square
It's so easy to find you
you sing like a reason
you stare like the Chalk Emerald.
It's the gold, not the gilded songs
That are best sung once you're gone.
And I’ve just got my wine
and I'll just sing along.

I grabbed my things and dissolved out West
She knew me as a blond-haired child
My head was lagged; the sun was a test
and the coast was an ancient smile.

My eyes were lost at sea for days
I found a woman to make me stay
She was darker than you
she would walk like a dance step
and float like the smoke on a fire.
But who I've loved and what I've done
It's all the same to me but one --
'cause I've just got my wine
and now you've got the sun.

I laid down on a day like tomorrow
the wine seeps out like a soul.
I let go of the you I borrowed
when the world was vulnerable.

There were bullet trains and fields
Cathedrals and Ferris wheels
And there I laid
just counting my blessings
filling where you had belonged.
But all our boys will fall
when wars and women call
and you can take my wine
‘cause you've got it all.

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