"I Hate Summer" as written by and Zucker Abraham....
Haven't felt right since the first day of spring
But now you've entered my life and fixed everything
The days drag on and the nights go fast
But when you're near, summer is past
I can't wait until the frost finally comes
And all this heat has finally gone

Watching the sweater come out this time
That we have only a few months is a crime
One day let's set up a home
Where it's winter all year long
Boots, hats and winter mitts
Summer nights I will not miss

Like when the clouds chase away
The hot sun on a muggy day
Like when the bright orange leaf
Plunges off the half naked tree
Like when the air we breathe
Snaps with that frosty electricity
One year until it begins again?
Why can't fall never end

I hate summer

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    General Comment"The DSM-IV notes SADs as “specifiers”, seasonal patterns that can occur within major depressive or bipolar disorders. Sufferers of summer SAD may experience some or all of the following symptoms during the spring and summer months:

    Depression, feelings of hopelessness
    Loss of interest and/or enjoyment in activities
    Feelings of irritability
    Feelings of agitation
    Poor appetite
    Weight loss
    Increased sex drive
    Suicidal thoughts and feelings"

    Not everyone loves the summer.
    Me, I have a hard time trying to adjust, to me summer is usually 50% anxiety, 50% exhilaration.
    But, overall, I'm rather scared than bored. Bring summer on!

    Totally awesome song though.
    thundercaton April 12, 2010   Link
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    Song MeaningOn 7/27/11, the singer said that this song was dedicated to anyone who was overweight or ashamed of their bodies. This song could have something to do with the way a person can feel about wearing revealing clothing in the summertime, going to the beach, pool, etc, when his/her body is less-than-perfect. It's easier to avoid those issues in the winter, when you can hide behind as many layers as you want.
    ogrizzledon July 28, 2011   Link

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