All the beauty that i've ever seen nothing compared to this.
With all the vultures around it seemed such a waste.

Remember the simple things,
because now I won't stop until everything you loved has gone.

And we have taken for granted the things that matter the most.
Through all thats been said, nothing has changed.

This whore's gone wrong,
and people crowd.
I'll cut these ties.

I wouldn't have worked at trying to be nice,
if I knew how this would end,
and you won't be here any longer.

All I hear is "She don't eat meat".

Don't wake me up from this dream I have.
Stand alone, standing in the rain,
and i've never had all of this.

Dead girls don't say no.

Don't wake me up from this dream I have,
where I always stand here,
waiting here in the rain.

I'm sick and tired of being right here,
standing alone in the rain.
Wake me up for the sunset,
i'm dying to feel that again.

But i'll always stand here waiting,
waiting here in the end.

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    General CommentAs if no one has commented on this song

    "dead girls don't say no" is the best title ever written
    kieran43on June 26, 2009   Link
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    General Commentprobably my favourite song by tbwd.
    i love the last minute or so
    their EP would sound so much better than their album
    if they re-recorded it and only deleted the pig squeals.
    theredshoreon July 21, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningI reflect to it as being dumped just before taking the last step into a relationship. As I just had this kind of experience a few days ago, this song almost sums it all up for me.
    dunborgon September 22, 2009   Link
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    General Comment-Of all the beauty that i've ever seen, nothing compares to this (he really likes a girl)

    -With all the vultures round seemed such a wast (theres a lot of other guys that flirt with her, so he thinks its a wast to try and get with her)

    -Remember the simple things because now i wont stop 'til everything you love has gone (she pissed him off by being a flirt maybe, so now hes going to make her miserable somehow)

    -I wouldn't have worked at trying to be nice, if i knew how this would end(pretty much speaks for itself, he wouldnt have tried be nice or get with her if he knew it would lead to her getting with someone else or something and hurting him)

    -Don't wake me up from this dream i have where i always stand here, waiting in the rain (hes been alone for so long that he's becoming content with waiting for girls that he probably will never be with[dont know why he calls it a dream])

    -Im sick and tired of being right here, waiting in the rain, wake me up for the sunset im dying to feel that again (hes done with waiting for girls, the sunset might be symbolic for another girl that he likes and that things start going right with, kinda like with the last girl, he was nice and things were going good [i would guess that things were going fine](sunset), then she found someone else(waiting in the rain))
    kazooson October 18, 2010   Link

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