ultra super mega deluxe
comin’ with cake in the clutch
but wanna take from us
they’ll never take it from us

ultra super mega deluxe
feedin’ me sex and these drugs
suckin’ my neck for the rush
like its just never enough

ultra super mega deluxe
they say more bang for your buck
then drag my name in the mud
they drag my name in the mud

ultra super mega deluxe
nobody checkin’ for us
we cruise like beggers for crumbs
so we will never give up

you so outta tune and outta touch
get taken out in a rush
when policin my fam style wit them tight ass cuffs
reroute ya life like drugs
and that’s my honest danny johnston
come kick it with the devil who digs in my ear on the constant
now who got conscience?
all of a sudden they calm quick
roll like the physical form of your complex
gold spittin for dollars leave my followers paid
no how, no way, we lose now its all day

aha you can’t get near’em
glide on train tracks a flash in the subway system
swoop down with a birds eye view of my new harem
it’s a gorgeous seminal fortress, they wanna kill’em
scrutinized by suit and ties
suicide brothers hookup
and fly like Superfly Jimmy Snuka
savvy? picture the podracer from the mach makers
and YB in the cockpit with stock lazers

with dropkicks from the toprope
USMD’s the bomb shit like blonde prom chicks without clothes
I’m so Don the snotnose is sown on by now
and got jokes to float on so pop those
robots get crashed off mangled from rock throws on asphalt
smashed all bangles and stockshows with passports
yeah you can get some cash from it
right out his plexiglass stomach go’head you asked for it

it’s the


with an iron fist, I put the smackdown
in a smog ridden city, gasoline haze in the background
dirty air filter, pilled up off kilter
with my mind on my money and my money on the future deluxe

we risk it all and be the first to fall
rats dive in
just lift the floor if you wanna talk
back, dial in
but the smile ends here
I see u flossin a wreck
you all causes and special effects with claws in my text

devisin’ credit rings supplyin’ every link
and we fittin’ pickles inside of wedding rings
a steady stream got us pissin’ nickels in puddles
buttercup clicks get huddled up quick
trouble, cut up lips from rebuttals they comin’ up with

wadds in a pail and a trail of junk mail
anticipation is killer ’til the sound is unveiled
jump in a rabbit suit, downer avenue
ground beef, make cheeseburgers out of cannibals

and stay opaque with Tamer Sose the spazmatic
my name aint OJ but ok I’ll take a stab at it
trashed addicts is ass backwards with bad habits
that means them fiends deplete my whole stash then go smash grabbin;

they label us names like “majorly stranger” “basket case” who’s cold in
the vein a magnet for danger
bottomfish scavenger, passengers on this crazy train
rappin’ for change, aim after we calibrate the gauge for the


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