comin’ into my own with blind faith
I rhymed my way out of a place I called home
my face with crossbones underneath
poison, fuck with me in rare form
suddenly airborne in your lungs, breath
I lost friends to death I live with those scars
prey on blood, steering remote control sharks
bonds kept close with xo’s, hearts
my love I send home when far like post cards
soak in a digital bath facin’ a boombox
float in this infinite space ’til my balloon pops
little Yashar wrote a world then he brought it to life
from outside his room you saw his window flickerin’ at night
now its honorable mentions for inventions
I hoped for so hard my palms bled from clenchin’
I don’t wanna be robotic I wanna be aeronautic
I wanna catch the wind, I wanna go back and do it again

this is the moment defined
at this moment in time
in this moment to live
in this moment to die
and the x’s to appear over the eyes of disbelief
trust in faith we keep, we must
stay awake and away from sleep
while robots keep track of the days of the week
we lust to stay awake and away from sleep
until the each night is replaced with a day and a dream

from cloud eight and soundscapes to nine
I put the pressure on space take out pain on time
brass knuckle hands on the clock fightin’ me back
birdcage blockin’ the shots to my glassjaw likely to crack
I’m Yak Ballz, Skywalker the author
masochist on the radio broadcastin’ across borders
I’m from Flushing, QU run shit
mom look I made somethin’ out of nothin’
now I gotta board the mothership, escape the jungle
while this concrete is like quicksand I’m stuck in
I’m like fluorescent melted plastic, bright and damaged
slight of hand is all I need to ignite madness
six billion dollars a month to make’em more radical
six million ways to die for more capital
do not think it can’t be you on the receiving end
caught in an evil web, houseflies don’t make it out alive


save me, I’m dyin’ to explode like M80s
flesh and bone shrapnel I’m cupid, arrows connect daily
sailing in open water without a means to navigate
my ends justify what is needed to make it out ok
I teeter on the edge of this knife I’m cut out for this life
I’m built for it no beta versions or prototypes
spent all that I got now I’m livin’ on borrowed time
want me closer to God? tell him tomorrow is fine
in such a dark place bright ideas will never shine
until somebody comes and picks up what we left behind
unlock where the deepest of secrets are kept
and I remember you, you were the teacher’s pet
I must have slipped through a vortex, glad I made it
calibrated to alarm the people they want you to walk dead
seekin’ refuge in my own head
was the backwards fall I took when leapt from the razors edge


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