Before the war of the worlds
Let's draw closer til it's all over
The all knowing knockin' doors til they all open
I crawl hopin' for a moment to stand
Only to fall ?? with a ?? in hand
I call for Oprah but she won't understand
What's going through a man's mind
Media landmine, 'cause they feedin' on a man's pride
Bleedin' and can't find a tourniquet
This evil got its thorn in my side
And keeps turnin' it
People, we were born to survive and be permanent
The sequel is the morning of ??
The king's returning to
Keep us from burning in our own flames
Learnin' to speak but
I'm worried if it's long range ?? you to speak good
?? sure won't change hurry the reaper
He's buryin' the whole game holdin'
We maintain the same pain but can't show it
From hand made to brand name games to fame poets
Plantin' seeds and yet they can't sew it
Got me standin' in the hands of thieves
Plannin' to take over
I'm demandin' that they break open
They the poison in the lung that shrink
From chain smokin'
I blame the chokin' on the air that we breathe
Haunt it at us where we share the need
But don't care to feed the lonely
And our bodies' better words are breed
Somebody please hold me

'Cause ever since the day that I
Was created, I
Never thought that I was safe
That I wasn't afraid to die
But today my eyes are better than a naked eye
I'm a letter from the editor tellin' ya
Feathers are made to fly
If forever was made for I
Written within the text of intolerable sin
The blame resides
Together our names collide
To the taste of bread and wine
Restore people to the place they coincide
Where the omnipotent, glory of god is infinite
The intricate meanings of life define innocence
Divine instruments dependin' I don't breathe
Through a design with a sense of harmony
?? was sheet music, the type that ?? speak fluent
Til I'm knee deep in ruins
With a seed that keeps bloomin' from concrete
Pursuin' an illuminant kiss
Competin' with a lunar eclipse
I'm speakin' of the tombs we equip
With a t.v. and a supermodel
The inherant need to be free
From who we choose to follow
And the tools they use to hollow our existance
I refuse to lose this battle
Choose the power and resistance
Til the hour of indifference
Where the innocent bleed
And hail the atmosphere with careless greed
Haunt it at us where we share the need
But don't care to feed the lonely
And our bodies' better words are breed
Somebody please hold me

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