A sound ahead from distant peaks,
a song that all my brothers sing.
It's just out of reach,
to join i would need the wings the heaven denied me.
Its like your deaf to my voice,
but i've been here for every moment,
waiting on your call to move.
If you could just make a choice,
I know you would find me wanting only to be close to you.
"You keep denying my lead!
Because i've tried, i've never pulled back my reach,
and i've stayed and i've died, but you keep looking for me
where I'm not. I wont be just where you want me to be.
You've got to believe and just trust that I can be everything"
Its like your deaf to my voice
"but i'm not!"
but i've been here for every moment
"and i've fought"
waiting on your call to move
"just call to move"
if you could just make a choice
"oh i have"
i know you would find me wanting
"I just want..."
only to be close to you
"all of you."
If you would just try and let (me) pry all your grips on worries,
I would come alive in your life and let you find the flight you're longing.

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    General CommentThis is beyond anything lyrical!!!!! This is truly inspired by the Holy Spirit!!!
    Uphariuson November 20, 2009   Link
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    General Commentclose but its the other way around.. its a lost soul losing faith in god because he feels he has not been rewarded justly.. and god is saying to him that he needs to have faith always and not just when he wants something..

    "You keep denying my lead!
    Because i've tried, i've never pulled back my reach,
    and i've stayed and i've died, but you keep looking for me
    where I'm not. I wont be just where you want me to be.
    You've got to believe and just trust that I can be everything"

    ...spoken from gods perspective
    Marinason August 25, 2009   Link
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    Song MeaningI think i can relate to this song very well.

    It seems that this song is directed to the "American Christian," or the one who calls themselves a Christian because they grew up in the church, or going to a Christian school. Many of these people live life like the one God is calling out in this song, where they look for salvation in the world, almost as if God doesn't exist, but once life falls apart, the blame goes to God. The fact is that the person is prideful and has denied God, and they have made their own life fall apart. In this song, God is calling out this little boy of a human, proclaiming that his heart hasn't really been given over, and for salvation from his eternity of suffering, the man must give over his childish ways and give his whole life over. The fact that the person remains complacent as God is calling out to him is terrifying and sorrowful, and the song ends with us wondering what really happens.

    well here's a cool little fact.

    I had the opportunity to talk to the band about this song recently. Apparently the human lyrics of the song were written by Shane (the band's lead guitar player and vocalist) a few years ago. Micah (the band's screamer) came across them and asked if he could add to them. He prayed for the Holy Spirit to write his response, and this song was created. Talk about the ultimate rebuke! The fact that he had the humility to tell me this story is amazing and a testimony to how far he has come.

    This song should be listened to and meditated on frequently by anyone who has been in the "Christian scene" for awhile. Its a reminder that Jesus should always be our leader, and that his salvation is better than anything we can find on earth to please ourselves.
    devondennison August 26, 2009   Link
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    General CommentObviously the singing parts are from man calling out to God saying "Its like your deaf to my voice". When in reality God hears you no matter what. All of the screaming parts are God's responses to man. Great Song.
    grandslam7on October 06, 2010   Link
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    General CommentThis song is unbelievably amazing. Every time I hear it I want to just break down. It really shows how much God loves us, and is so torn up by how we get so distracted with the world.

    Repeat, repeat repeat.
    tdwpx707on January 07, 2011   Link
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    Song MeaningI think the meaning is quite obvious.

    It is about God calling to lost souls who won't come to him.
    MI3Guyon August 24, 2009   Link
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    General Commentyes the first part of the song till the (..... wings the heavens denyed me) is voiced from a man, but then God comes in with "its like your deaf to my voice" and so on. then the mans only respones are in the quotes twards the end.
    brandon0135on August 26, 2009   Link
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    General Commentdevondennis - thanks for that input. thats unfair you talked to em about it, id give my right hand to just talk to them....again!, im not suprised how they responded to it though, they're really nice guys.
    it blows my mind that he prayed to the holy spirit to find the answeres to Shane's lyrics. EPIC!!! i wouldnt want it anyother way.
    thats why i believe this is the greatest written rock album ever made.
    livinit777on August 28, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI really believe that Micah's prayers for inspiration have been answered, and that these lyrics are inspired by God.
    blondy269on August 29, 2009   Link
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    General CommentWell, to me these lyrics are talking about how us Christians don't always hear God, and then we dont know what to do with our lives. So we look for purpose in all the wrong places. And the whole time God is telling us "I just want to be close to you." And this whole time he is wanting to use us. And just trust that God is all we need in this life.
    Youkoolon August 30, 2009   Link

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