"My Brother" as written by Loren Lunnon and David Styles....
I'm not the only one living here,
Please be considerate and leave a nice message after the tone. One!

I just wanted to speak to him
I got too much words
I got a lot of words
Let's see, yo, yo

Life is a circle of pain
The darkest clouds, end up like the purplest rain
They say patience is a virtue in the game
Fuck it, I guess I died when my brother died
'Cause to tell you the truth, I feel like I'm the curse in the game
My vision is blurred, dreams is shattered, my heart is broke
Pain so deep I find it hard to cope
Missin' your smile and missing your style
I figured I'm the next one dead so we could kick it a while
'Cause your name lives on, the sun still shine
Every time your baby mom life up your child
I guess I gotta switch my angle now
Take a positive look, hit a blunt my little brothers with the angels now
Some of us fall and some of us fly
But at the end of the book baby all of us die
Word, my nigga

There's my brother
I could smile, 'cause I know he right next to Allah
Right next to the prophets and the soldiers that died
And all the angels in the heaven that be holdin the sky
There's my brother
I could cry, for the fact I can't hug him no more
But my tears go to heaven and I know the nigga feel me
And the good thing is he ain't got to worry no more
I said there's my brother, wit Allah
Best place he could be

If I could get my miracle on
Listen to me, I would bring my brother back in the physical form
'Cause the spirit still here, but the visual gone
And sometimes I gotta think if I'ma live to the morn
I guess it's no more schooling you
I know it's something in our blood, because us niggas in the street as usual
Left with a robbery charge, pack and a stash
Crushed a lot of niggas that it happened to have
But I'ma just light a blunt, look in the clouds
And I'ma ask my little nigga what's happening have
You died on mothers day, mom it's a gift
I know god took my brother 'cause his honor and strength
And we all gonna die Allah tally us up
While you there say what's up to Lil' Malla and duck
And I know y'all niggas restin' in peace
You might be gone, but your soul is still here and is blessin' the streets


I could see you when I'm all alone (I see you)
So I guess I'm not all alone, I know my little nigga callin' home
The good die young, so they could get to heaven early
And watch over the rest of the slums (watch over us please)
Move the clouds so we could see the rest of the sun
You might've died, but you in heaven that's a blessing in one
Nigga Robert to the death, Gary died with a close friend
You and Allen together, smiling together
It's like now I could hear the world
I understand that, I'm in the physical you're in the spirit world
I see you when I get home
They can't separate brothers, so I still see you when the spit flown
You died, I died (you still here)
But I'm alive, you alive, so we gotta keep the shit going
Now I got a new ghost
And a baby brother angel I could feel, every time the wind blows


Right here, they ain't goin' no where
It's all love
This is just the first right daddy
The next one is the next one
Do the best you could, hold your head
You know you lost somebody, you gain an angel

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"My Brother" as written by David Styles Loren Lunnon

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