When the first joints of all the metal collides
Cover up your precious eyes and stand to the side
The sound is over now
You cant hear anymore singing
The gold that you hold
And from which you made your ring
The road is still looking broken
You made your own kind of map
I saw you leave your bike in the ocean
You let your transport rust
Ive gone and gave my life to you
You have my eyes now

Wo x11

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You Have My Eyes Now song meanings
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    My OpinionIncredible.
    MIghtyChorizoon February 08, 2010   Link
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    General Commentthis song is so amazing if any one knows what this song means I would love to know
    ysselzoron July 21, 2010   Link
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    General CommentI think this whole Clues album is a closure on the whole Unicorns existence and ending. I read an interview somewhere where alden stated that he felt he didn't have any closure on the band and I feel like many of the songs deal with this and the past. Expanding upon this - this song feels like he's addressing Nick Thorburn and giving him his "eyes" and"gone and gave my live to you" - their sound identity, past songs that can become new Island songs (Abominable SnowMan, Rough Gem, etc...)
    The whole "saw you leave your bike in the ocean, let your transport rust" thing is saying that he sees that Nick is still living and staying in the world that they created (sound wise) and not moving forward. Just my thoughts.
    jojomurph20on May 10, 2012   Link
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    My Interpretationwoh
    damn. I am so glad I stumbled upon this today, because I was just walking by my bike outside. And well, I thought how I have abandoned it there on the side. Ever since my friend painted it and left town. The meaning is deep because I actually have two usable bikes now, one was my other friends' and the other is my dad's. Another is ex husband's which I used to ride more but has gotten loose screws and flat tires recently. And my mothers' tires are too old. My brother's is too small, because we both got ours when we were little. Therefore mine was not the kind I wanted and it is big(enough for a 7 year old) and big enough for me now. However it is not one I picked out and though it fits me, it doesn't really.
    Still, it is mine. And that I have left it out there is a statement towards myself. Perhaps I am tired of the parts of me which were not of my choice in the first place, and used by my friends, and still the only things that are naturally mine.
    Also, I live by the ocean, so the air probably is making it rust.
    - Okay now for interpretation of the song.
    It's just.. It makes so much sense to me. The more I look.
    The begining of metal chains, like an explosion, doesn't work, or does work. 'Don't look, don't believe it!' Step aside! Dont get hurt.
    Perhaps by the end of Eventually, by the end, the chains finish colliding. In a way, this could mean, they are going to break. And an explosion could be of mis-communications.

    Then, the sound is over. You reflect on the singing and the gold ring. Perhaps what it meant.
    Your path still isn't clear. But You made your own map. I saw you leave your bike in the ocean. I can't explain it but that line itself seems very objective aswell. You let your transport rust.
    This song is about me. Haha. And I def feelin' it right now / perhaps I have been.

    So it's.. Definately about the reflection. And how someone, who *AHUM* he gave his eyes to. Doesn't give a shit anymore.
    .... Haha!!! Excuse my french.
    He's talking about his point of view on another person, who obviously can't seem to find a way, thinks they know everything, but is really quite sad. Throwing their bike in the ocean.
    Is this what it's like to have those eyes? TO NOT BE ABLE TO MOVE.

    Whatevers it's a good song
    haileybananason June 12, 2013   Link

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