Your pubes are on the soap,
cause you never wash them off,
and I never say a thing.

There's wrappers on the floor,
and you never do the dishes,
and I never say a thing.

I'll move your bookmark to a different page,.
I'll let your hamster out of it's cage.
I'll call you names when you've just left the room.
I'll draw mustaches on pictures of you.

Passive Vengeance
Passive Vengeance
No direct confrontation at all.
Passive Vengeance
Passive Vengeance
No direct confrontation.

You haven't got a job,
and you owe me for the rent,
and I never do a thing.

You always eat my food,
and you're hogging up the shower,
and I never do a thing.

I'll put a scratch on your favorite CD.
I'll tell your friends that you watch CMT.
I'll steal your change that you dropped on the floor.
I won't tell you when I go to the store.


"Hey Man.


Where'd ya go?


Did you go to the store?


Well, yeah, I kinda needed some toilet paper. So it would be awesome if ya let me know when you're gonna do stuff like that.

I'll be sure to let ya know next time."

You wont see this coming at all.
You wont see this coming.

Calculated retribution.
You will feel me indirectly.
Justice will be dealt.

Because I...
Farted on your door handle.
You've got more coming.
I took your roll of toilet paper.
No mercy.
I gave your dog diarrhea.
You've got more coming.
I threw away your phone charger.

So take that bitch.
So take that bitch.
You had enough bitch?
So take that bitch.
You want more bitch?
So take that bitch.
So take that bitch.

Can you prove it was me?
That's called passive vengeance.
Passive Vengeance.
No direct confrontation at all.
No direct confrontation.


Hey Jake...umm, ya know I was thinking about our name. Maybe we should change our band name. I mean..."Psychostick"...its kinda boring. Its got an adjective and a noun. I mean it should be more like a prepositional phrase, or an incomplete sentence

What, like uhh..."As the Psycho Begins to Stick?" Something like that?

Yeah...yeah, that's better. Like um..."Under a Psychostick Sky."

Ooh, how about..."Beneath the Psychostick Below?

That's not bad...uhh..."As the Psychostick Turns?"

That sounds like a soap-opera title.

Yeah, forget I said that. Nonono, this is way about "Panic At The Gates Between All That Remains Bleeding Through The Eyes Of The Dead From Autumn To Every Time I Lay Dying In Flames At The Disco...Stick."


Hey! What are you guys talking about?

Nothing...we were just contemplating changing the name of the band into something, I don't know...cooler.

What have you got against the name "Psychostick?"

Nothing. But its too late to change the title of the record.

Ha! Its also to late to change the name of the band...
What do you have against sandwiches?

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